• Keith Halperin

    “Increased Engagement Required” = “Even Slower Hires”


  • Robert Dromgoole

    There are 800-million people using Facebook. It’s the #2 most visited site. It own a huge share of traffic. What a huge opportunity to connect. I truly think the age of Facebook has just begun …

    To Gerry & Mark’s point at CxR, through all our technological advances, the speed of hiring has always been about the same. We’re just witnessing and are part of a huge shift in how the world communicates.

    800-million active users just blows my mind ….


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  • http://www.istorm.be David Verbustel

    (quick comment on this very interesting blog post)

    Facebook is becoming more and more a tool to interact with brands and products (marketing) / e-commerce

    If you need quick hires (vs. slow hires cf. Keith) go for Linkedin (winning strategy) and traditional job boards (depends your budget though)

    And yes, it s gonna be harder and harder to push info (job ads) and get a decent ROI. If you go with Facebook, be sure to have a long term strategy because all resources will be vanished if you can’t start a conversation with your audience. (And sincerely, this is not an easy task : get help from a professional).

    In short,
    #1. harder than ever on Facebook (broad audience)
    #2. focus on Linkedin (experienced candidates)
    #3. find community sites that allow you to discuss with a targeted niche (such as http://fellownation.com) for 18-25 years old.

    Last but not least, you might have a look at gamification strategies to leverage your efforts on Facebook.