• http://blog.eskill.com/ Curtis Whitler

    Google Plus is relatively new recruiting tool, but I have doubts that it can replace job boards and LinkedIn. Nevertheless there’s no point guessing or doing predictions – only time will tell us whether it’s possible. For the time-being, one of its biggest advantages is that due to its relative newness there’s a possibility holding up-to-date profile.

  • http://www.philipboland.com Philip Boland

    I agree with Curtis. Just did about 10 google searches for positions and no google+ postings came up in the first 3 pages. Indeed and Linked In still dominate. Another path never hurts though

  • Erin Bazinet

    Hi Curtis and Philip,

    Thanks for reading my post and adding your thoughts! I agree that it will not replace the traditional job boards of LinkedIn and Indeed any time soon, but it is definitely an area that has potential to find new talent. Like top social networks used today by recruiters, Google+ has more benefits than just posting jobs, some of these being personal and employer branding.

  • http://www.morganhcm.com Morgan Hoogvelt

    Thanks for sharing Erin, great info and I will put it to use. Although LinkedIn continues to be the “go to” for most recruiters, I think at some point other platforms will start to capture a little more market share around recruitment.

    P.s. who uses job boards anymore?

  • andy nick

    Morgan: “P.s. who uses job boards anymore?”
    Answer: People that don’t have 9 months to a year to make a placement