• Martin Snyder

    Jeff Teper should understand that social platforms are just the central record databases for the brand called You. When folks want to email you, they will interact with the platform, which will then email you. People wont need your email address in their contact folder and you wont have to notify them when it changes: your master record system handles that for you……

  • http://www.recruitersrecruiter.wordpress.com Joseph Litvin

    John, Great post and food for thought. I for one plan to keep up with all of them… time permitting.

  • Merlynn Bertini

    The article broadly address that different “groups” (Gen X, Y, etc.) use different tools/apps, and if an individual/company has a target group (i.e., college/university recruiting) that it is trying to connect with, then the “tool” needs to be specific to that group. I do a significant amount of university relations and email is largely unanswered. However, text–has an immediate response. Communication has changed–texts, Twitter, etc., have replaced email,for some groups. I would not abandon email, but I would also not (and do not)use email for contacting university candidates. From my experience what is occurring is that different groups respond to different forms of communication and recruiter/companies need to adapt.