• Maria McMahon

    As a professional recruiter, I consider LinkedIn to be a good ‘social media’ forum for checking out candidates. It’s where people can post their career history, and have recommendations from other professionals who know them or who they have worked with. Asking people for their password and log in details to access ANY site is a breach of civil, social and security rights that every individual needs in the world of technology. I would immediately sever any contacts with any agency or employer who requested such details from me! Facebook and Twitter are, by and large, and by design, ‘Social’ sites. They are not the forum for posting your professional profile, and therefore should not be considered for reference checks or any other kind of checks by a professional recruiter. We all have our ‘Professional Face’ and our ‘Personal Face’ and most of us know the difference, and would not turn up for an interview, for example, in our party dresses! Let’s keep some perspective, and for God’s sake, bring back common sense!
    Maria McMahon
    Resourcing Manager
    Amec, Baku
    PS: You can check out my profile on LinkedIn, anytime!

  • http://www.rocket-hire.com charles handler

    How about stay out of people’s business outside of the workplace and rely on a solid recruiting and hiring process that collects information that is related to only what is required to perform the job?

    It is completely illegal to reject someone for reasons that are not based on their ability to perform the actual content of the job.

    I know that privacy is becoming a thing of the past, but we have a responsibility to follow the basic regulations about how people should be evaluated for work and a review of social media, even following the above guidelines would not stand up in court. At least not in any of the EEOC and OFCCP regulations I have been working with for the past decades.

    I appreciate the author’s efforts to help provide some guidance and rein in the egregious, but companies should simply stay out of the places where they dont belong.


  • Sam Gassett

    I agree with the ten guidelines.

    I have read in several articles the information shared in the first paragraph. I have asked my extensive group of HR professionals their thoughts and no one can identify any company that requires individuals to disclose their facebook password.

    I am sure there are a few…but can anyone name one?

    Sam Gassett
    Executive Recruiter

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/mnautorepairrecruiting Kurt Mueller

    There is cost to the employer to aquire a drug test, driving history and background checks.
    If any employer asks for my social media passwords, they are going to be required to pay me $1000. Nothing comes for free.

  • A Murricun

    Sure, I will let you browse my social networks. Just tell me, in writing, how this information will be used to assess my suitability and qualifications for the job. And please tell me the professional credentials of the individuals who will me making that assessment.

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  • roger dale

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