This Isn’t a Recruiting Video, But It’ll Make You Want to Work at the Cleveland Clinic

This Cleveland Clinic video wasn’t made specifically for recruiting, but it sure can’t hurt in portraying jobs at the famous healthcare organization as ones that make a difference.

Commissioned by a surgeon who’s the Clinic’s chief experience officer, it was produced in house and first shown by the CEO.

It is being sent to every hospital CEO in the United States, and was recently shown at a conference in Saudi Arabia.

  • Carol Schultz


  • Gwen Gayhart

    Notice there was no mention of how many heart surgeries are done there annual, nor about how many accolades they have won, nor about their ratings with accreditation bodies. They were smart enough, apparently, to realize that no one but you cares about how great you are. Those “achievements” only matter to those who have achieved them.

    If only those in charge (in most organizations) could take off their “executive/director/businessperson” hat and, instead, try on (and LEAVE on) a more “human” one, they’d find their organization more successful, having changed absolutely NOTHING else. This is what branding is all about, but what most people miss. Your consumers don’t care what it is that you do….they only care about what it can do for THEM.

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Todd: This was very good.



  • Jacob Madsen

    S u p e r b, spoke straight to the heart

  • Di Moate

    As a health profession recruiter – this was really moving, Reminds us why we’re here, doing what we do. Great stuff.

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