The New Customer Service: Sue the Rude

NatalieGrantHermsPoor customer experience and air travel go together like poor customer service and banking. The only difference between today’s unhappy customer and last century’s is that social media has enabled the customer to tell the world.

So it’s no surprise that gospel singer-songwriter Natalie Grant-Herms took to Twitter and Facebook when a Southwest operations agent refused to allow her and her children to board when and how she wanted.

What is a surprise is that the agent, instead of shrugging it off, sued the customer.

Without getting into all the legal wrangling, it’s enough to know the case is headed for trial.

We don’t know what Southwest did about the agent, though the airline apologized to Grant-Herms, a fact she tweeted to her 180,000 followers. But the incident raises a new issue for every call center and customer service recruiter: Start asking your prospects if they’ve sued or contemplated suing a customer.

Recruiting gets harder and harder all the time.

So Does Job Hunting

leonardi animationWhich perfectly explains Robby Leonardi’s online animated resume. Every artist has a portfolio, and back a few years ago, when video resumes were just beginning their short-lived trendiness, broadcast, theatrical, and dance candidates sent around audition tapes the way liberal arts grads send out resumes.

Only makes sense for an animator to have an online portfolio. But Leonardi took it to the next level, animating his resume.

This is clever!

  • Carol Schultz

    So let me get this straight…Some spoiled, overpaid, “celebrity” had a tantrum when things didn’t go her way?

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Carol: sounds a lot like some execs, hiring managers, etc.