• http://www.techtrak.com Maureen Sharib

    “Hotjobs will become cold jobs.”

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing, Raghav. You do know, don’t you, that you’re speaking heresy and some reading this would rather see you burned at the stake than listen to your prescient forecasting. Keep it up though. Sooner or later they’ll get the message – when they have a zillion “friends” and no job and those “friends” step forward to pay their bills.

    Interesting concept – Samsung. I can see it happening.

    Then what?
    What you gonna do
    When the new wears off and the old shines through?
    It ain’t really love and it’s ain’t really lust
    And you ain’t anybody anyone’s gonna trust
    Then what
    Where you gonna turn
    When you can’t turn back for the bridges you’ve burned
    And fate can’t wait to kick you in the butt.
    Then what, oh then what?
    ~Clay Walker, “Then What” lyrics (from a time BEFORE social media)

  • Robert Dromgoole

    All Raghav is forecasting is change … of course he’ll be right! Well said, and Maureen, I’ve got that beat stuck in my head, ear worm alert.

  • http://www.techtrak.com Maureen Sharib

    Raghav is one of the brightest minds we have here on ERE!

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  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Raghav. I wonder if there may be an inverse relationship between the ease and speed in contacting people (at least in the “Fabulous 5%”) and the ability to easily and quickly recruit them? What the real killer app (more likely a suite of apps based on “big data”) would be something which allows you to speed up the engagement process (as much as you can)- not so much as creating a “talent relationship” as a talent “hookup”….As I often point out, if it takes several months to get someone interested in your job, that usually does you little good.



  • http://www.talenttech.com Praj Patel

    Great post Raghav! I especially agree with your comment in the closing paragraphs… “Recruiting will have to focus more on how we connect with candidates…”. I think we’re all well aware that keeping current on the ever-increasing number of social media “channels” is becoming impossible. Not enough hours in the day (or night)! So tools that allow us to centralize and manage our interactions with multiple networks through one interface are emerging and will continue to evolve.

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  • http://www.craresources.com Natalie Prigge

    Raghav and Praj, I also agree with the statement “Recruiting will have to focus more on how we connect with candidates…”.

    All too often we hear candidates complain their resumes fall into a black hole or that recruiters dump them like hot potatoes when the recruiters no longer see an opportunity to close a deal.

    My message to Hiring Managers is this: Pay attention to how your recruiters and recruiting agencies treat their candidates. Respect for the individual means ALL individuals; not just being respectful to those you think you can get something out of.

    On another note, we have seen How the Job Search Has Changed through social media – but many things stay the same and building a true, honest network enabling you to help both candidates find great career opportunities and clients find incredible new team members are the results that matter.


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  • Bohdan

    The near future of social networking is about niche social networks every one of us can be a founder of.. you get to be a Zuckerberg of your own circle kind of thing… my very own social network for vegetarians, or dog owners, or a social network for veterans.. the data between which could be easily shared synergistically. I’ve actually created a micro social network with http://www.nichesocio.com for just under twenty grand and it’s better than facebook in many ways, for my niche anyway… That’s the future of social networking, in my humble opinion… come up with your own niche social network and plug it into the grid so to speak…… 🙂