The Current State of Mobile Recruitment in the Netherlands

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 10.07.26 AMIn the last quarter of 2013, Intelligence Group studied the situation of mobile recruitment in the Netherlands.” The results of this study are published in the whitepaper embedded below, “What is the current state of mobile recruitment?” The study has two viewpoints: the perspective of the job seeker and the perspective of the employer.

A New Recruitment Moment Is on the Rise

From the perspective of the job seeker it seems that mobile is not hype, as the mobile traffic on career websites is increasing significantly. Since 2011, the amount of mobile traffic has doubled every year. To this date, 22 percent of the total amount of visits is made by a mobile device. The mobile visitor reads information about the organization and about job openings, but he does not apply for a job. Why not? Because most of the career websites do not facilitate a mobile job application.

Another interesting outcome is the rise of a new recruitment moment. After four o’clock in the afternoon mobile visits increase while at the same time desktop visits decrease. This is an opportunity for employers to recruit differently; for example, to integrate the use of television and/or radio.

More Employers Are Positive About Mobile Recruitment

From the perspective of the employer we see a positive attitude toward mobile recruitment. More than three quarters of the employers think that mobile should be an integral part of recruitment and 69 percent believe that the own organization will have a mobile recruitment strategy within three years. However, there is a difference between intention and behavior. Currently, only a quarter of the employers have a mobile recruitment strategy while only a little more than 10 percent of the employers claim to have knowledge of the online behavior of their mobile visitors. These and other aspects about mobile recruitment in the Netherlands are discussed and analyzed in this whitepaper.

We have used two sources for this study: An online survey filled out by 121 HR and recruitment professionals and additional analyses of the traffic on seven career websites of Dutch employers. The study is a cooperation of Intelligence Group and Maxlead and was commissioned by Stichting 123Mobile. The results of this study were presented at 123Mobile, an event on mobile recruitment, December 13, 2013. You can find the whitepaper below (click the button in the lower right to enlarge).

  • Keith Halperin

    Thank you, Geert-Jan. Do you have any information on the typical amount of money Dutch companies spend to become mobile-ready?


  • Geert-Jan Waasdorp

    hi Keith,

    not exactly, but if I have to made some estimations
    • Less than 1% of the recruitment marketing budget/employer branding budget is focused on mobile. It is growing and the first best practices are being presented. But is it still very small. No 4G is everywhere and talent is more scarce, it think within 2 years about 5 till 10% of the recruitment marketing budget had a focus on mobile
    • To rebuild your recruitmentsite, this will cost several thousands of euro’s (<5K)
    • In new recruitmentsites this mobile is included and it will cost you about 2K

    Kind regards,


  • Geert-Jan Waasdorp

    No = now