The Case of the Littering Job Seeker and the Embellished Resume

Today’s roundup is nothing more than a couple of videos strung together with a thinly disguised attempt to be instructional, mostly to avoid prosecution for intentional infliction of public humiliation.

But I gotta say, the videos were like watching a train wreck. You know it’s a disaster, but you just can’t help watching.

So, with that fair warning, I begin with an item out of St. Louis:

Jevons Brown was a lot like so many unemployed Boomers. Until the day he did what so many unemployed Boomers have thought about doing, but didn’t.

He wrapped up 20 packages of cat feces and mailed them to companies that turned him down.

The 58-year-old veteran who has since landed a job, apologized in court. “I’m sorry. This will never happen again,” said Brown, who also said prayer and counseling are helping.

The Office Auditions

Had Brown only turned to You Tube before turning to littering, he would have discovered he is not alone. Look who auditioned for The Office but didn’t get the job. (And now you know why experience isn’t always enough.)

What If They Tested You?

Resumes don’t get you the job, but they can get you an interview. As every recruiter will tell you, your resume should highlight your successes, and your skills. Make it relevant to the job, and whatever you do, don’t embellish. The consequences, like that train wreck, can be disastrous.

Headhunters alert: Be sure you show this to your suspect candidates.



    1. Gag Me With a Spoon!

    2. Thank you, Jesus, for making sure I am in the Executive Search business and not the Employment Agency industry.

    3. I fired myself for watching this ‘Resume’ video during production time.