• Keith Halperin

    With respect to staffing, don’t expect social network sourcing (it’s not recruiting) to fill positions quickly….

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  • http://www.jpkreiss.com John Kreiss

    Good post Raj. Think about how others will view what you say. It’s amazing how emotional people get when politics are discussed. I know people who’ve been unfriended because they expressed preference for one party over the other. That’s a shame.

  • Ken Schmitt

    Bravo! This is a fantastic article and so necessary! Although Social Media has become “old hat” in the business world in many ways, there seems to be a lack of etiquette out there. Although it is “social” it is still professional, and treating your work related platforms as you treat your personal ones is not professional at all- and often counterproductive. I think each and every one of the no-no’s listed above is important!

    As the owner of a boutique executive career management and recruiting firm, I am learning to navigate the social-professional and I am often shocked at what people consider “professional.”

    Seems to me that this is a Social-Professional Etiquette book in the making, Raj!
    Well done!
    Ken Schmitt

  • http://www.talentboard.co Austin Merritt

    Great post. I like to think about it this way: when using social media for business purposes – be it marketing or talent sourcing – treat it the same way as you would a professional networking event.

    You wouldn’t jump into the middle of a group unannounced and start promoting your service, job opening, etc. Or at least you wouldn’t do it more than once before people started avoiding you!

    Thanks for the insights, Raj!


  • http://recruiterbox.com Raj Sheth

    Thanks a lot for all your comments!