• http://www.hamptonexecutivesearch.com Connie Hampton

    Excellent points! How can the solo HR person at a small company implement these?

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  • Keith Halperin

    @ Steve: “build a solid pipeline of strong talent. Your competitors already are.”

    This is a very good idea, and one most companies should implement. However, recruiters can’t really develop pipelines when we’re spending 45-60 hours/week on 15-30 immediate hires. When we recruiters aren’t “drinking from a firehouse,” we’re wondering how soon they’ll lay us off, so in neither case can we work on this valuable task. It would be valuable to have a company say to us:
    “We’re slowing down a bit now, so we’ll have you work on these other important tasks you haven’t had time to do up to now to keep you working for awhile.” Many companies are unable/unwilling to do this, and would rather lose our accumulated knowledge and practice and start all over again in the future with some largely/wholly new crew.

    Companies should specifically hire people to create and maintain these talent pipelines of people we’re pretty sure we want to hire, without the schizophrenia of having to simultaneously fill current openings. (I’d like a job like this; wouldn’t you, Folks?)

    Looking forward to meeting you at RIS,


  • http://www.callboxinc.com Belinda Summers

    Everyone can maximize the use of social media to their advantage and it’s great to know that most of the people see and believe in the power of social media. In terms or recruitment HR department can save time, effort and of course expenses in reaching out to candidates for the vacant position.