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  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/kenforrester Ken Forrester

    The title of this post says it all, well maybe….

    Sure, SM has generated more buzz than the telephone, but at the end of the day, recruiting is still a sales/relationship game.
    With or without SM, it takes top recruiting talent to recruit top talent and top talent attracts more talent to an employer brand. Simply using SM tools to recruit is unsustainable without an existing demand for that employer brand. To create a demand for an employer brand, starts with actually recruiting top talent using traditional means.

    To be effective, a SM recruiting strategy should be designed around your recruitment success of being able to attract top talent to your employer brand.

  • http://www.johnstonsearch.com/blog Brian Kevin Johnston

    Dr Sullivan- Thanks again for a great article..

    “Low cost” is the key from my firm’s perspective..

    Having a strategy is also key… Just imagine purchasing a license to Zoominfo, and trusting your TOP hires start coming in (with all that information, parsed and pretty).. NO it does not work like that..

    I agree with Ken F. If you have no skills to “apply the knowledge or information/Social Media” the tools are useless…

    This is why to be totally honest, I keep making 30k TPR fees, because I invest my time in Sales/Relationship building activities, vs. “think thanks” “subject matter expert” events, and “Pie in the sky” thinking…

    Prove you care, earn the respect of your audience, and your world will change….

    Best to ALL, Brian-

  • Rob Ryan

    I would agree in the most part with this, Social Media can be an excellent tool for recruiters.

    But like 95% of similar articles on the subject it tells us everything about WHY recruiters should use it but nothing clear cut about HOW they should use it. Until more of that information is out in the public domain people are going to continue to question its use and scratch their head at the jargon.

  • http://www.techtrak.com Maureen Sharib

    Here’s my take on how to use it.

    Put your best stuff out there for the advancement of others. If you do that some of it will ping back to you in the form of business.

    Trying to figger out mailing lists and influencers and all that stuff is just a waste of time. Build it slow – build it steady but the chief point is to keep building and showing up when others have fallen away (and most will fall away).

    Remember, Disney repackages all its old movies every five years for a whole new batch of kids. You can too.

  • Rich Goldberg

    Let’s not paint with too broad a brush. LinkedIn is different from FB in terms of sourcing, presenting the brand, and reaching the passive candidate.

    Great source and to initiate a mutually beneficial conversation. But you still need to pick up the phone and talk and actively listen. Finally please understand the difference between a transactionual call and a mutually beneficial ongoing conversation.

    Things are clearly on the up swing. As a contract recruiter my phone is FINALLY ringing regularly. And just in time as my current assignment is winding down.

    Best of Luck to all. Make hay while the sun shines.


  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    Not only is it powerful and here to stay, but also cheap! How else can you broadcast your message/brand to thousands of people instantly?

  • http://www.cemab4y.blogspot.com Charles Martin

    I am an engineer, our firm has some openings, so I spread the word around on my social media, and I got some people who are interested. My firm finds good people, but I do not get a finders fee. (I dont care, just doing this to help some people). I think twitter/linkedin.com etc. are terrific.

  • Sylvia Dahlby

    According to my friend from the future – social media & digital communication may replace the telephone as the preferred method of relationship building http://www.barefeetstudios.com/2010/08/05/why-i-rarely-answer-my-phone/

  • Keith Halperin

    Thank you again, Dr. Sullivan. If I understand you correctly, you may be conflating sourcing with recruiting.
    In both cases, SM can be a very useful tool. However, sourcing is increasingly a low-cost activity- most sourcing can be done very effectively using these and other tools for $11/hr or less (as my sourcer does). For the few folks that can’t be found for $11/hr, perhaps a SM Guru (of the same high caliber as Maureen in phone-sourcing, or as Shally, Glenn, and Irina in web-sourcing) will (or has already) come forth.

    SM can be an effective tool for developing relationships and closing: two high-value areas which are well worth the $30k fees that skilled professionals like Brian Kevin earn.

    It also seems to be a very effective way for hype-meisters to continue to lighten the corporate wallets of anxious recruiting folks at still-solvent companies looking for the “panacea du jour”.


    Keith “All Out of Recruiting Panaceas Today” Halperin

  • http://www.alphajobs.co.nz Colin Mathieson

    We are avid users of LinkedIn and have been since its early days. Perhaps somewhat preciously we have never seen it as a social media tool but as a business networking site. It is only one sourcing channel and not the most productive for us, but has been great for specialist professionals like Six Sigma BB’s, SAP Consultants, Java Developers and Architects and a couple of similar roles. About the only downsides for us in recent times are that as more people have come within the sphere of our organisation it has taken more effort to find just the one we are looking for. Secondly we are starting to see a little push back from people who have been continuously sent inmails from recruiters. Several recruiters here in NZ swear by Facebook and Twitter – so far we have not used either for sourcing however my consultants do check profiles of candidates on Facebook and have sometimes been quite appalled with what candidates are showing the world. Finally, we are very aware that as the world’s talent goes online it is accessible globally and I would suggest that $11 per hour is probably at the top end of what sourcers are being paid within sourcing factories in some countries. The point of this is that if as recruiters if we don’t have strong relationships with our clients, we have very little that is defensible, and most good recruiters understand this intrinsically. I would suggest therefor that the telephone, if it has lost any cachet at all, has lost it to Skype and email, rather than social media.

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  • Reena Gupta

    Social media recruiting is like fodder to recruiting which increases the efficiency of the recruitment campaign at a very low cost. Add it with an ATS or an applicant tracking system like http://bit.ly/9LK4hz which takes complete details of the candidate records in a hierarchal database , and you have the perfect recruitment activity going on with ease.

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