• http://www.recruitmentdirectory.com.au/blog Thomas Shaw

    We released information last week about our white label job search applications for both recruiters and job boards to use.


    There are a number of key points to remember with any application.

    – simple
    – easy to use
    – targeted
    – useful

  • Amy Renz

    Great advice, Carmen. Thanks. Like u I recently upgraded from a Brick to a Blackberry (after I willingly jumped in a thick green/brown mucked-up swamp with my brick, but that’s a story for another time…)

    I’ve got another app for you. It’s free. It’s for iphone, BB, G2, etc. users who are also currently using MS Outlook. It turns resumes from email attachments (or desktop file folders) into searchable vCards with the full resume in the comments field of the vCard and the contact data fielded. It’s an add-on for Outlook actually (so not a separate app) you then sync your Outlook with your mobile device and you’ve got your database with you wherever you go. It’s free for up to 100 resume-to-vCard conversions per day right now. You can check it out here: http://www.hireability.com/desktop/

  • Chris Russell

    Indeed.com has the #1 job search app so thats also a good app. Also check out the JobRadio.fm iphone app. Details here:


  • http://recruiterApp.com Nik Burns

    There is also a new app targeted at Contract Recruiters (perm is in the works), search for Recruiter on the AppStore. If anyone here would like to review the app I can provide a promo code.

  • Heather Yurko

    also good if you go to networking events: My name is E and/or Bump to share contact info.

  • Michael Marlatt

    Nice post Carmen!

    Here are a three useful iPhone Apps I would also recommend:

    1. JobCompass – http://jobcompass.net
    Although this iPhone app was designed primarily for the job seeker, it could just as easily serve the Sales Recruiter prospecting for new clients. JobCompass uses GPS to identify open positions within a user’s proximity. The app knows where you are any given time and can search within a 5 thru 100 mile radius of your immediate proximity. On the topic of GPS based searching, Careerbuilder has a great iPhone app that does a good job of this as well. Both apps are free.

    2. Free Wi-Fi Finder – http://www.jiwire.com/iphone
    This is a nifty iPhone app that comes in handy, especially whenever you need to travel for work. This app quickly identifies FREE wi-fi hotspots within your area. I have used this app on many occasions and it’s actually quite good. It’s a free app.

    3. textPlus – http://www.gogii.com/
    textPlus allows you to send unlimited text messages from your iPhone or iPod – all for FREE. This app ROCKS and it’s definitely a great alternative for those who don’t have a great SMS/Texting plan as part of their iPhone service. Now, the next time you’re running late for a team-meeting, or lunch appt with a candidate, easily ping update them using TextPlus. Not a big fan of “texting” because of costs? Try textPlus because you really have nothing to lose. It’s a free app.

    Michael Marlatt

  • Keith Halperin

    IMHO, the more apps that let recruiters do low-touch, low-value add work remotely, the better- it gets us away from the office. The thing is: if WE can work remotely for $75/hr, $90k/yr, or 20%, the more THEY can work remotely for $12/hr, $25k/yr, or 5%. Concentrate on doing what can’t be done remotely, eliminated, or automated, or do it very, very well.


    Keith Halperin keithsrj@sbcglobal.net

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  • http://www.getautosearch.com/ Lori Fenstermaker

    Here’s a new application to add to the list: AutoSearch Mobile is now available! Find passive candidates using your iPhone – just $4.99 in the app store http://www.getAutoSearch.com/mobile

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    Thanks a lot for such a useful review. As I work for iphone application development I`m interested in learning everything new about iPhone apps.
    These apps you’ve mentioned can really be very helpful while seeking for a job. Especially I like the ones helping to edit the resume and those which help to prepare for the interview.

  • Chris Carson

    This isnt an iPhone app but this new company by the name of JobStem.com does online video interviewing to cut time to hire and cost to hire for companies.

    Here is a quick 10 min video of some of the main features it does.


  • http://seorembo.com Yuahen Popov

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