Sing all You Want, but Hang Up the Phone First

Voicemail by errorIf you are one of those unlucky recruiters staffing the office during this hiring interregnum, today’s roundup was written with your entertainment in mind.

Mostly, you can thank GeniusHR for collecting this most amazing list of employee and employer blunders and antics. For some reason, the software vendor chose a fictitious “annual report” as the vehicle for sharing these stories, all of which prove the maxim that no matter how dumb or lame a thing is, someone will do it.

I’ll share two of the more stunningly incredible complaints — anonymized to protect the guilty — that GeniusHR includes in its top 10 list:

  • An impromptu party that broke out at the beginning of the work day turned into a drunken bacchanal with one female employee being taken into the restroom where her pants were unbuttoned as her co-workers shouted out for a “booty shorts” show.
  • A home care company fired an employee for failing to do a proper client assessment, failing to attend to the client’s needs, and taking no steps to ensure the employer could attend to the client’s obvious needs. The 100-year-old potential client had been dead for two days when the worker was first dispatched to perform the evaluation.

Read the whole list and you will forever believe that truth is stranger than fiction.

And now from our helpful hints department here at Be sure you have properly disconnected after leaving that voicemail for that great candidate you’re sourcing.

The consequences of ignoring that seemingly pedestrian advice can be embarrassing at least, as one recruiter discovered when her unintentional message got posted to Deadspin, a site better known for humiliating professional athletes.

Besides the actual message, Deadspin has thoughtfully provided a transcript, should you want to sing along with the recruiter. Here’s just a sample of the lyrics:

You’re in demand, my little boo-boo.
You’re in demand, my little beary-babe.
You’re in demand, my little bear-bear.

You have to wonder what the candidate thought.