• http://www.forensicscience.org/ Teresa Rutherford

    LinkIn is the greatest!

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  • Ben Scholz

    Wow, am I reading this correctly? >20% of respondents “Don’t know” the impact of a Linkedin Marketing Campaign?

    That is insane! This figure should be zero – The intelligence behind Linkedin’s advertising allows you to specifically target the right candidates with the right messages.

    Once the candidate has landed on site, whoever manages the campaign should be setting appropriate funnels and goals to ensure they can get to a “cost per application” and figure out “cost per acquisition” once they’ve placed the candidate(s).

    At no point should you lose visibility of candidate behaviours with a paid campaign!

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  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, John. I’m unclear about what this report means. Does it mean that the hiring leaders think that the hired candidates find out about the jobs from these areas (job boards, company website, SM, etc.)? Is that what the term “influencing” means in this case?


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  • John Higgins

    Clearly LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for quality candidate leads. The other platforms appear to be best for referral sources and organizational insights for candidates thinking about joining an organization. At the heart of everything is still the relationships that you build with your candidates. These mediums are a means to an end. None are panaceas. Meet talent where it is and engage it in a deeper conversation. Your social media strategy should be mutlifaceted. Make sure that you know what you are looking to get out of each channel you plan to work with. Expecting that all channels will get the same type of ROI is foolish. Make sure you know how you will judge the success of each and let this drive where you choose to invest your time and money.

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