• http://www.exalthire.com Heidi Burkley

    Congratulations Carmen:

    I wish you and your team the best of luck!

    Heidi Burkley

  • http://mariejourney.com/ Marie Journey

    Wonderful vision and follow-through on Tweetajob! Can’t wait to hear about the international launch. You definitely have the product to make a global change in recruiting 🙂

  • Paul Rogers

    Finally, an utterly relevant yet remarkably simple way to connect people to jobs, from a true expert in the field of recruiting. Carmen may your creativity and passion (not to mention those shoes) take you far in this innovative new space!

  • http://www.stepstone.com Kjetil Olsen

    Personally I like the concept of Tweetajob, but unfortunately I find the service to be a bit weak. I shared my thoughts with the Tweetajob team at the Onrec conference in Chicago a month ago and I do it again;

    1) First of all the job categories you set up in your profile should be split between job function (i.e. broker), industry sector (i.e. financial services) and occupational type (i.e. permanent, part-time). The consequence of this is that you don’t get accurate matches to your requirements.
    2) Secondly, I would like them to add a advanced search where you can search for tweets in job function, industry sector and occupational type
    3) Thirdly, the featured employer (currently Yahoo) does not point anywhere

    These are small things that should be easy to fix, and I hope they do so. Goood luck.

  • http://www.noramtec.com Ian Albert

    Personally I think any advantage that a third party recruiter can have uis a tremendous benefit.
    I am in Canada and most of my work is situated in Canada so I would dearly love the ability to utilize these systems Internatinally.
    I am on Linked In, Plaxo and ERE for work related stuff.
    I use Facebook however that is strictly personal.
    I sure would like the chance to connect with Carmen Hudson or be a fly on her wall.
    These are the kinds of “outside the box” thinkers the world of recruiting needs to remain competitive.
    Way to go Carmen 🙂
    Warm Regards

  • Robert Dromgoole

    Go Carmen Go!!!!!

  • http://tweetajob.com Carmen Hudson

    @Marie, Paul and Rob — I am lucky to have such supportive friends! Hope you are all well!
    @Heidi and Ian — thanks for the well-wishes. You can always connect with me on Twitter (@peopleshark)!
    @Kjetil — we are working as hard as we can on upgrading the platform. The search features are in the works. The link to Yahoo is in the works as well (we’re waiting on the official logo). The first suggestion, however, is no small task. In fact, it increases the programming complexity almost infinitely. We would like to add additional catogorization options (such as experience level); this will take a bit more time. Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming! We really want to build a product that is innovative and useful!

  • http://www.hirehealth.net Jay Tokarz

    I think Carmen is on to something here. Best wishes to you.