• Eliza Kin

    Radmatter is a company that definitely takes all of these recruiting strategies into consideration. It is the futuristic way of recruiting for companies that is not only innovative, but also utilizes the social environment that future gen y employees have become accustomed to. Check it out at radmatter.com!

  • http://fitzdrakesearch.com Bill Fitzgerald

    The approach we use at FitzDrake Search is absolutely perfect for start ups. We utilize a modified retained approach where we bill by the hour, we only bill for the time we spend working on a search and we cap our total cost to the client at 20%. One of our client’s currently pays the equivalent of a 9% placement fee. And, our clients can hire as many of the candidates that we present at any time at no additional cost. We do all we can to help our start ups succeed knowing they often have limited resources. Our mission has always been great people, quickly and at the least cost possible and for a start up, what could be better!

  • http://www.summithrindia.com badri Ravi

    This is among the best blogs i have read at ERE! Although its simple, it aggregates all possible methods very systematically and holistically! Great work!

  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Dr. Sullivan. My advice to startups (which I very frequently recruit for):
    1) Don’t believe your own hype- you AREN’T that special unless you pay more, have better benefits, QoL, genuine opportunity, SOMETHING more than your own arrogance. You may want the best, but can barely afford the rest. Whoever you see, make them feel special and important- NOT that they should be honored for you to interview them.

    2) KISS- You don’t need buy-in from everybody in the company. One or two interview rounds of a couple hours each should be enough.

    3) Move faster tnan the employers of choice (see 2.)- While the employers of choice are taking forever to schedule someone, you’ve already interviewed and hired them.

    @ Eliza, @ Bill: How much did you pay for your ads for your companies in the “comments” section? Many of us would like to promote our products and services, too.



  • http://www.glennlist.com Michael Glenn

    Typically, when a Startups start truly to hire, they not really a startup. They think they are. But, they’re a company with a payroll now.

    So, here is some advice to Startups that call themselves “tartups that need to hire:
    1) Good coffee. This will keep new hires a little longer if you accidentally miss a pay cycle
    2) Something recreational in the office, like a Ping Table, Pool Table or even a Pool (it worked for Zuckerberg).
    3) Pizza fridays. And good pizza, not the cardboard crap.

    Lastly and most important,

    4) Allow telecommuting. You have this option, you won’t ever need to hire a recruiter, an agency, or have an ATS or post a job. Just allow them to work from home and you will get the best talent out there across the nation.

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