Our Dumb Question: What’s an ATS Theme Song Sound Like?

Asking that silly interview question about where you want to be in five years is so old school. It’s only value any more is as a knockout question. If your candidate fumbles it badly, what that tells you is they didn’t do any prep work. Shoot, there’s something close to half a million results in Google for that question alone.

What you should be asking — and I loved this one from BrazenCareerist — is “Tell me about where you’ve traveled.” People who travel without the safety net of tour leaders and have to rely on their wits to solve problems when they don’t speak the language, know much about the culture, or have much idea of where they are — these people, says the author, make the best employees.

There’s an intuitive logic about it, even if there’s no real proof that being a world traveler makes anyone a better employee. But if you ask about it in the interview, you’ll at least avoid asking what Forbes says is “The World’s Dumbest Interview Question” and you might even get a mention on Glassdoor.

May I Have This Atango With You?

What’s “bright fuchsia and chartreuse yellow,” has a logo that is “an artistic representation of a sound wave,” a name that “evokes images of dancing and flowing movement,” and its own song?

Right you are. The latest ATS to come to market. For those of us who didn’t make it to Chicago for HR Tech where the Atango booth featured improv songsters, our first news of Atango came in a press release from which the description in the preceding paragraph was taken.

It’s a snappy website. That’s for sure. No comment on the product. Haven’t demoed it. But I am already just a little disappointed. I couldn’t find the “theme song penned for the new company.” I was thinking it might make for a great ringtone for when the ATS vendors call.

  • Martin Snyder


    1) The travel question is classist and may even be illegal (due to disparate impact on a non-job related question).

    Any marketer will tell you that the rich and the middle live more alike than they have in years (even with increasing income inequality) with one glaring exception: travel. Well-off people travel far more often and to far more places.

    How about a question like “what can you tell me about what you know of different cultures?”

    After all, there are people stuck in prison cells who travel more meaningfully than some jet-setters….

    2) ATS companies with a story behind their logo and name? I like it, but that was not even fresh 15 years ago when WE did it. Glad to see the grail still attracts.

    So FYI, our logo and name is the “Main Sequence” defined thusly: The stable phase of a star’s lifetime, when outward pressure from internal fusion process using hydrogen for fuel is balanced by the inward force of self-gravitation. This phase is usually the longest phase of a star’s lifetime. Our Sun is a main sequence star.

    In other words, it speaks to the 80/20 rule, stability, moderation, duration, and balance…

  • http://www.atango.com Jessica Lunk

    John, we’d love to Atango with you. Let’s set up a demo.

  • Martin Snyder

    My was I in a flippant mood this morning….

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Martin:
    As a recruiter with a degree in Astronomy, I think your company has a sensible, practical name. Most recruiting firms are “Red Giants”- puffy, overblown, and destined to burn out before too long…

    ATS theme song:
    That’s an easy one- “It’s a Fine, Fine Line (Between Love and a Waste of Time) from Avenue Q.


    Keith keithsrj@sbcglobal.net