• Martin Snyder

    Yea since fame and infamy are interchangeable in America, she is gonna come back bigger than ever and this will be a net gainer to her career.

    Mark it Dude….

  • Richard Araujo

    I suppose everyone has ‘moments’ of intemperance and stupidity. If it’s a pattern though, it’s a problem. And if she does indeed have a problem, it only goes to show that awards and recognition don’t necessarily reflect the reality of how someone carries themselves in every day interactions, and that you can get very far in corporate life by being a blowhard.

  • Emma Rish

    I didn’t understand what it’s all about until I read what Blazek wrote. Wow. How cruel can a human being actually be? Besides her awful respond, what made me really sad was that she revealed how ugly social platforms can be. I want to believe that no one would ever react like this in reality- to a person facing you, looking to his eyes. At least it won’t be as easy and common as it is in those “social” platforms. The truth is that I’m getting tired of those networks where you have hundreds of “friends” with most you never even has a phone call ever, not speaking about actually meeting them in the last few *years*. I recommend for people that feel like me to move on to more personal and, how to call it? More ‘real-life’ based social networks like networks based on your neighborhood / family like meetey.com , nextdoor, myfamily and other new platforms where I want to hope that things like those described in the article won’t happen.