Matt Jeffery Headed to SAP

matthew-jeffery-largeThe writer of those Recruiting 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 pieces is leaving Autodesk and is headed to SAP as Global Head of Talent Acquisition Strategy & Innovation.

Jeffery is finishing up with Autodesk March 1 and starting at SAP on March 4.

He had been the head of EMEA talent acquisition and global talent brand for the past two years. Before that, he was with Electronic Arts.

Susan Bor, SAP’s senior VP of global talent acquisition, says it is a newly created role designed to help the company with everything relating to branding, the candidate experience, quality of hire, and more, both for employees and candidates.

In addition to writing the uber-popular articles mentioned above, Jeffery was the keynote speaker at ERE’s 2011 conference in San Diego. He was also voted the “Recruitment Personality of the Year” in the UK.

“This is a dream role for me in an awesome company,” he says. “I am super stoked to be joining one of the best talent acquisition functions in the world. and it has always been a personal goal to work with Susan Bor, a visionary recruitment and business leader.”

  • Adam Lawrence

    Congratulations on the move Matthew! SAP will certainly benefit from your experience!!!

    Best of luck in the new role.


  • Matthew Jeffery

    Hey Adam. Appreciated. It will be a big challenge. Lots to do.

    Certainly one area I will focus on I would love your advice and steer. I will ping you privately.

    Thanks again mate. Promise…beers soon.

  • Jacob Madsen

    So the news that many of Matt’s colleagues, peers and everybody in the wider TA world speculated on more than words can describe has broken. A sincere many congratulations on a quantum leap and now moving into major league.
    With own background and experiences within the world of SAP I have a little idea about what Matt is taking on, and for anyone in doubt, this is a mammoth task in a substantial and very complex company why this truly where the good Mr. Jeffrey will stand his to date biggest challenge.
    That said if it had to be anyone I doubt Susan Bor and SAP could have chosen a more inspirational character. Although having declared himself finished (for a while at least) speaking publicly, writing the continuation of the Rec 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 trilogy I and probably many others will eagerly follow how Matt manages to not only to deal with and within a company like SAP, but as much how he makes his journey there a triumph and examples to follow for large enterprise.
    Best of luck, may you have success in bringing your insight and abilities to the desired level and please come back with stories from the trenches and inspire those of us following you.

    Gute Reise, Bon Voyage, Safe Journey

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Matthew: My very best congratulations! Is it true that similar to an earlier operation dealing with the Germans, you were offered “blood, toil, tears, and sweat”?



  • William Tincup

    SAP just got cooler…

  • Matthew Jeffery

    @Jacob Thanks for your great comments buddy. Yes. It will be a big challenge. No doubts there but thats why I am excited about the role. It’s been a funny few weeks with people guessing what I would do next. I think most people were expecting me to either land up at LinkedIn, (awesome company), or set up my own Consultancy, (which would be ironic given the amount I have criticised some of the gurus & consultants 😉 lol). This is the perfect choice for me.

    @Keith. Thanks buddy. Appreciated. We must talk soon, (my bad…its been a manic few weeks. Sorry).

    @William Tincup. Thanks. That means a lot. Especially from you. #FeelingHumbled. #TincupRocks

  • Paul Maxin

    Congratulations Matt. Good luck. Great opportunity working with Susan. You going to Mannheim, or remaining in the UK? Make the most of the next couple of weeks gardening leave too 🙂

  • Matthew Jeffery

    @Paul Maxin.

    Thanks Paul. That comment means a lot to me. Appreciated.

    I will be in the UK but I feel travelling a lot as a Global role.

    Yes, I cant wait to work with Susan. She is the main reason I took the role. I really respect her.

    And yes, the gardening leave is being maxed out relaxing, I sense I will be busy.

    Hope to see you soon Paul. Let’s share a bottle of red and put the world to rights. best wishes.

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Matthew: No worries. You get settled in with our Teutonic friends…


  • Matthew Jeffery


    Will do buddy.

    BTW, a good buddy of mine, Ken Ward, gave a presentation on candidate experience at a Reconverse event.

    He even quoted you 🙂 Loving the fact that you are now a quotable guru 😉

    Heres what Ken said:

    ‘As far as attracting talent, good hype is very effective in attracting talent- if a company is an “employer of choice” it can get the “pick of the litter” however dysfunctional the actual reality of working there may be…If you’re not an “employer of choice” and not after “the Fabulous 5%,” you don’t need to offer a culture- you just need to offer a job. – Keith Halperin, – Bay Area Recruiter’.

  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks again, Matthew. I’ll have to track down Ken and thank him, too. “Quotable Guru” sounds like I might be heading in the direction of “Thought Leader,” and we know what I think of many of those…



    Or as your new employers would say “Gedanken Fuhrer”

  • Matthew Jeffery


    It would be a delicious irony to see you labelled as a guru ;).

    Come on. You would laugh at that :).

    Speak soon.

  • Emma McGonigle

    Congratulations!!!!! Lucky SAP!

  • Matthew Jeffery

    @Emma McGonigle

    Thanks. Miss you xx

    I have a feeling that we will work together again in the future 🙂

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Mathew: I could deal with “guru”- let my beard grow longer, though I’d come off more as a recruiting “rabbi”. Either way, I’d rather “laugh all the way to the bank”….

    Take Care, Mighty Matt!

  • Tania Craig

    SAP is one very lucky company!! I hope they are ready for what they are about to receive!! True leadership, innovation and talent!!! Congrats to you Matthew. This is wonderful news and I can’t wait to see what great things you create in your new role!!!! Best wishes!!


  • Matthew Jeffery

    @Tania. Thanks. 🙂 Big hug. Hope to see you soon.

  • Matthew Jeffery

    @Keith……looking forwrad to you growing your beard….watch out though for all the other gurus & kings & experts out there….they seem to be multiplying out of control 😉

  • James Thomas

    Congratulations! As a former SAP’er I understand while there may be great challenges in a complex organization, there are great people, and there will be great rewards too. Best of luck! Will we see you at SAP HR in Vegas next week?

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Matthew: Already am (growing my beard). I don’t have to worry about being guru, king, or expert- I’m just a recruiter who’s seen a thing or two and lived to tell the tale…. Pop me a line when you come up for air.

    🙂 Keith

  • Matthew Jeffery

    @James Thomas.

    Thanks. No I wont be in Vegas next week 🙂 I dont start until the 4th March. Thanks for the best wishes. I cant wait 🙂

  • Matthew Jeffery


    Thanks again. And there are too many gurus and experts out there. Lets leave them to their own Kool aid and delusions 😉