• Eli Fisher

    Great article, thanks Irina

  • http://www.Bishop-Partners.com Bob Bishop

    Terrific Post!

    Even though I consider myself proficient with LinkedIn as a database and sourcing tool, there are some tidbits here I didn’t know. Thanks for taking the time to share Irina.


  • Will Branning


    You included some good tips that I will definitely be using. Thanks for sharing & I’ll plan to join the boolean strings group on LI.

  • Rafael Bonilla

    Thanks for the info! Always welcome new ways to increase contacts.

  • Suzy Tonini

    Hi Irina,

    Excellent post and it has been duly distributed to my team. (PS I originally replied in your BooleanStrings group on Ning)

    On your Post Discussion Items in Groups, you state:” 1.However, if you post a discussion item about your opportunities there’s a chance you will see some relevant responses.
    2.Or, post an interesting industry-specific question in the hopes that you will hear from experts.”

    I agree and disagree here. 1.Many of these groups have recruiters posting positions left and right, where it really should be an area for SME’s to answer questions or to disseminate their knowledge. Nothing irks me more than seeing groups spammed with recruiter posts- UNLESS the groups are specifically geared towards jobs and careers.
    2.Yes, yes yes!- post a question and hopefully you’ll her back from an a SME that you can network outside of the group

    The Company Pages Feature is a little goldmine and offers insight on career paths,title levels, diversity stats and more.

    Love the E-grabber tool for LI/Excel.

    Lastly, many people will update their Status regularly in either “What are you working on?” (i.e. Currently looking for SAP Consultants in the Bay Area) or within their profile stating something along those lines. Result? Your network gets a Network Update from you and perhaps a person looking for an opportunity will reach out to YOU. Now that’s passive candidate networking 😉

  • Rene Crites

    Hello Irina,
    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I did not realize how much more I could be doing with Linked In.

  • Joanne Nacucchio

    Hello Irina,
    You shared some great tips! Regarding the LinkedIn limitation to 100 search results: try this on Google

    site:linkedin.com xvariable yvariable zvariable

    The results are unlimited.

  • Kelly Magowan

    Hi Irena,
    It is always good to keep up to date with what is being offered. A practical post. Thanks,

  • http://www.braingainrecruiting.com/ Irina Shamaeva


    Thanks for your comment! I am glad to be of help. A couple of things I’d like to say here in response to your suggestion:

    1) If you search on LinkedIn you will be able to find people who have made their profiles *private*. You will not see them on Google.

    2) On Google results are limited (to 1000 results).


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  • http://www.braingainrecruiting.com/ Irina Shamaeva

    Thanks to all for your nice comments.

    Since this article was published, we have created a global network for the “Boolean Strings” Members. Please join; it is free and is open to everybody who is interested in the subject of web sourcing:

    -Irina Shamaeva

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  • http://www.hrconnexions.co.uk HR Connexions

    Great article – I have linked back to this on our blog. I really think you have some highlighted some great ideas here which will help our customers when using the site. I have put a link from our blog back to this article. We also wrote an article a few months back along the same vein using linked in for recruitment which I think complements this article.

    Feel free to join our group on linked in to discuss more of online recruitment http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/970857

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  • http://www.peopletoucher.com Chris Pomeroy

    I made a free linkedin advanced search tool for recruiters: http://www.peopletoucher.com/linkedinsearch

    With it you can save keywords and search settings, and filter search results by rank.

  • Olivier Taupin

    Even though I am the Founder of Linked:HR, the largest HR Group on LinkedIn (around 105,000 members, growing almost 500 members per day),I learn quite a lot from your Post, Irina. Great tips!

    What we are trying to accomplish on Linked:HR fits perfectly with your recommended strategy: As you noticed in one of the numerous Linked:HR Group Discussions (http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?viewQuestionAndAnswers=&gid=3761&discussionID=1849964&goback=.anh_3761) Linked:HR “is helping us all by trying to make this group even bigger.”

  • Olivier Taupin
  • http://www.fusionstaffing.net Heather Thompson

    Another excellent tool to parse your info from linedin is http://www.inparser.net

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  • Ranjan Kumar

    Did you try this Google Chrome Extension?


    1. Targeted to help recruitment professionals in segregating profiles from LinkedIn.
    2. Bookmark public profiles (you do not have to request for a connection).
    3. Assign categories to profiles. This is helpful in order to review/keep track of filtered profiles.
    4. Add notes to profiles (e.g. number of years of experience).
    5. Ease of maintaining candidates’ info by saving their email and contact numbers.
    6. Delete profiles from your list if you don’t need them.
    7. Offline access to your saved data. You can access your saved data without internet connection.
    8. Remember Search button is not the ultimate solution when you have better tools available like this!

    Click on the extension icon after you have browsed a LinkedIn public profile.
    It will take you to the options page where you can enter the data you want to save.
    Once you are done with your changes click on the save button(Close this new tab and continue with LinkedIn for more candidates).

    Too good app for google chrome users!

    Thanks and regards,

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