• http://www.puppetlabs.com/jobs Aimee Fahey

    Comparison to Craigslist is the best part 🙂 But still, big love to LinkedIn, I’ve found *so* many fantastic candidates and unlike Facebook, no one I went to high school with is spamming me on LI!!!! 🙂

  • Robert Dromgoole

    ROFL!!!!!!!! I LOVE Linkedin. I pitch it constantly. But this had me laughing. Like I posted a couple days back, any company that can get the President to do a one-hour long informercial …. nicely done LI. Nicely done.

    Hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as the Dave Lefkow Bacaiaise skit John Steward did. He hasn’t been too kind to the recruiting industry at large.

  • http://www.verticalelevation.com Carol Schultz

    Watched this yesterday and was laughing out loud! Though I love LI and was one of its early adopters, I think they have a much higher opinion of what they do than many of us out there think…

  • Edward Woycenko

    Could it be that Obama had an ulterior motive for being at LI HQ?