• Martin Snyder

    Skilled Recruiters can still easily outperform Big Data in making matches. Overfitting leads to a lot of false positives. For marketing purposes, Big Data is wonderful- but its misuse may actually result in decreased predictive power…

    What recruiters really need are better ways to get their messages thru the noise to both targets and hiring managers to explain/reinforce why recruiter’s assessments are valuable, because they truly are in many instances….

  • http://www.verticalelevation.com Carol Schultz

    @Martin: Of course you’re correct, but LI was, is, and always will bet on the laziness and low quality of recruiters and the companies that employ them…

  • Martin Snyder

    Ain’t it the truth Carol 😉 LI is hardly alone in that insight…

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Martin and Carol:
    The Laziness, Greed, and Stupidity (LGS) of recruiters (I put myself in two of these categories) is exceeded only by the Greed, Arrogance, Fear, Ignorance/Incompetence, Stupidity (GAFIS) of those we work for, and those we try to get hired.

    Happy Friday,

    Keith “How I Love Recruiting!” Halperin

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