• http://community.ere.net/blogs/the-careerxroads-annex/ Gerry Crispin

    So buying twitter followers is less preferred as a legitimate strategy than say spending a hundred hours tracking and following 20,000 random people in the hopes that half of them will reciprocate without thinking and follow your sorry ass?

    What exactly are the bragging rights for someone with more twitter followers than someone else? Oh right, your Klout score! Wake me up when it buys me a cup of coffee.

  • Keith Halperin

    This seems more sensible than a company hiring a permanent inhouse social media person to handle FB and Twitter, without it actually resulting in either demonstrable sales or hires…



  • http://staffrightus.com Melissa Jackson

    It is always so funny to see how liberal some of these writers are on LinkedIn and other social media outlets. The writers of this article are quick to throw out there that Mitt Romeny bought followers, but fail to mention that more than 70% of our current socialist President’s folowers are fake (purchased). Amazing! I hate this lack of real journalists. If you are going to use articles to subject people to your political views, please be fair and site both parties.

  • http://staffrightus.com Melissa Jackson

    Excuse me fot the previous comments typos. Mitt Romney. 🙂

  • Todd Raphael

    Thanks for your comments Melissa. I’d be happy for someone to write a post on the election, by the way. But it should be specific, and be mainly about recruiting, the job market, and the economy (though a number of things, even foreign policy, do affect those things). Here’s an example, from way back when (2008).