The Ladders Begins Offering Sourcing Service

With the latest Business Roundtable survey of CEOs saying 39 percent of America’s biggest companies plan to hire in the next six months, recruiters can be forgiven for thinking of it as a mixed blessing.

On the one hand, recruiters get to have fun again, doing what they do best: recruiting workers. On the other hand, it means downsized staffs will have to cope with increased workloads.

Today, The Ladders, the job board for $100k minimum jobs, begins offering its contract customers a sourcing service that promises to deliver at least five, and up to 10, best-fit candidates within 48 hours.

Operating out of the company’s New York City offices, talent specialists will comb through the 4 million+ Ladders resumes to find the best matches for a particular req.

Alexandre Douzet, Ladders co-founder and president, told me last week in a pre-release briefing that FitFinder, as the program is called, was developed to help recruiters save time. For the last six months FitFinder was tested by several Ladders clients. After more than 2,000 searches, Douzet said the feedback was that the process works. Three out of four candidates were highly rated, while the 48-hour turnaround target time met client needs.

FitFinder doesn’t just match candidates to reqs. Douzet said the talent specialists consult with the recruiter — and sometimes with the hiring manager — to get a better understanding of both the position and characteristics of the desired candidates.

I asked Douzet if in the testing there had been any reqs with no suitable candidates. One, he said, explaining it was such a specialized type of job that there were few qualified workers anywhere. It won’t be often, says Douzet, that the talent specialists come up empty-handed. The Ladders’ 4 million resumes account for 25 percent, he said, of the 16 million high wage earners in the U.S.

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  • Jeremy Langhans

    actual candidates or just resumes
    you got to be clear …

    are they phone screening these people to see who’s qualified, interested, and available?

  • Martin Snyder

    first job boards will kill recruiting

    then ATS will kill recruiting

    afterward, RPO kills the dead body of recruiting

    Now, RPO-lite is upon us, and I know the model works because we have customers doing it.

    Always though, the RPO-lite scope must expand….as they discover that more ROI can attach to their services with customized fit, presentation, and closing: until they are Recruiting….at which case, have they killed themselves ?

    Tune in next year for:



    How theLadders became a search firm !”