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  • http://www.mysensay.com/blog Omowale Casselle


    It will be very interesting to see how Intel’s social recruiting efforts develop. I’m glad to see they are exploring many different options to gain more visibility with top candidates while staying mindful that there efforts need to be tied together for maximum impact.

    I remember being very impressed with Intel’s Invest in America Alliance that committed to an increased hiring of college graduates. Ideally integrating social recruiting into their overall talent acquisition strategy will help them better connect with talent they seek.

    Omowale Casselle

  • http://www.justrecruitme.com Miria Kostiainen

    This fall we´ve launched our new, modern recruitment service and noticed, how much possibilities there actually are in the field of social networking. However, at least in Finland the whole social media as a communication board and a tool of expressing yourself is seen more as threat – not so much as opportunity.

    We don´t believe that it´s a threat at all. People who use JustRecruitMe-recruiting service doesn´t believe so either. In our service (http://www.justrecruitme.com) we use all these tools which people have learned to use during the revolution of social networking and self expression throug Internet; job seekers creates career profiles where they upload pictures, video presentations, samples of work or studies and so on. Making a video of yourself gives more information of you to employers (who can investigate job seekers´career profiles in sort of headhunting-style in our service) than traditional job application has ever been able to give.

    Intel does here something, what others are barely planning to do. For us Intel´s example is inspirational and also rewarding; it proves, that we´re on the right track with JustRecruitMe.com.

  • http://www.carquest.com Ginger Graham

    How exciting! I want to work for Intel 🙂 We are very early in our stages of adopting Social Media as a recruitment tool, and we certianly aren’t as resourced as they appear to be, but we are getting there. I have yet to find anyone who isn’t squeezing every last drop out of LinkedIn,I keep waiting for their next competitor to come out of the woodwork.

  • Reena Gupta

    Social media recruiting is growing loops and bounds daily. But what becomes a particular interest is the rate at which the candidates are selected. However using an ATS(Applicant tracking system) like targetrecruit alongside social media recruiting will help in streamlining and selecting the perfect candidate to generate recruiting value from the social media campaign.

  • http://community.ere.net/profiles/ernestfeiteira/ Ernest Feiteira

    Marketing and Branding Program Manager Allen Stephens says, “We’re primarily trying to attract engineers who are passive candidates. They don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I’m going to check out the Intel.com site and look for career opportunities.’ They might be on LinkedIn and they might be on Facebook and they might be on Twitter.”

    Very very true. A vary majority of good candidates don’t search job boards or the company site, except when they are is job search mode. With web2.010 (and soon web2.011) recruiters need to place content out on the open web to generate that engagement. Newsletter sign ups, RSS, video, blog, mobile, etc…

  • Keith Halperin

    Hmmm. I’m interested in who Intel has doing the particular aspects of this. Identifying, locating, and contacting candidates using SM is $10/hr virtual sourcing work. Initiating and developing relationships to create a viable pipeline is $50+/hr work.



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  • http://www.hireclix.com Neil Costa

    This is really interesting stuff. Kudos to Intel for being so open and transparent. This aren’t unusual challenges that Intel is facing and all corporate recruiting teams will need to evaluate how they hold the line on one consistent voice for their diverse recruiters and hiring needs. We also caution out clients not to forget about the rest of the digital recruitment marketing options – SEO, PPC, targeted ads, mobile and Email marketing. Balancing and optimizing these many recruitment marketing channels will be a huge challange in the coming years. It’s difficult but it will be an exciting time.

  • Todd Raphael

    Neil, yes, I’ve found it to be a really open and transparent company.

  • http://www.intel.com/jobs Allen Stephens

    Thanks Todd for writing this. Our complete playlist of recruiting videos on YouTube is here:

    We have work to do to ensure they can be easily found. Another project for 2011!

  • http://www.strategi.biz Daniel Parrillo


    This is a GREAT Article – and a GREAT Example of how social networking and social media is being used in corporate recruiting (even SMBs – small to med-size businesses can benefit from a strong social network.)

    With the semantic web and the new SEO/SEM analytic tools that are coming down the channels – recruiters, staffing and HR will be using search engine analytics in new and exciting ways – most importantly to defend their recruiting strategies, prove ROI on the strategy implements, and of course -defend one’s position within the hiring company.

    I have referred to this article a few times already in my social networking lecture – and I hope to post it as a reference in my Box.net add-on to LinkedIn.

    Excellent article – I really appreciate your work.

    Daniel Parrillo
    Strategi LLC

    LinkedIn.com Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/strategi
    SF Job Recruiting Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/x-19521-SF-Job-Recruiting-Examiner

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