Can You Forbid an Employee From Job Hunting While on FMLA Leave?

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By Eric B. Meyer Last Monday, one of my favorite HR bloggers, Suzanne Lucas, aka The Evil HR Lady, addressed a reader question about whether a company can legally prohibit an employee from seeking other employment while on leave covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act. As part of her post, Her Evilness…

Has Anything Changed? Analyzing the 2016 Human Capital Predictions

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I started the new year reading through dozens of lists of New Year’s predictions forecasting trends that will shape the HCM world in 2016 and beyond. My goal was to identify overall meta-trends and see if any new predictions emerged that are different from things predicted in the past. You can read the…

Questions You’re Probably Not Asking on a Career Gap Resume

jumping over gap
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Many people go through a stage in their career when they take a break. There can be a number of different reasons for this, including traveling, bringing up children, ill health, education, or just pure nonchalance . A career gap should rarely be judged in a negative way, especially if the candidate has…

Just When Did HR Become The Devil In Disguise?


Editor’s Note: Readers sometimes ask about past TLNT articles, so every Friday we republish a Classic TLNT post. While talent is valued, the Human Resources function is depreciated. Doesn’t that say something? At the same time that society defends the right of individuals to display valuable aspects of their work history, the Human Resources profession…

You Can’t Keep Faking It! 3 Ways to Fully Commit to Making Successful Change

Time to change
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Stop faking change! Stop paying it lip service and not taking supporting actions. Commit to change or don’t even bother. Change is hard. It’s why I blog a lot about it here, and here, and here. Oh, and here, too. I write about it a lot because how you navigate change impacts whether you will succeed or fail….

Top 5 Practices Recruiters Should Adopt From Fantasy Football

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Be it by accident or design, most recruiters or companies looking to hire talent limit themselves to a game of Texas hold ‘em, blindly accepting the talent they’re dealt from a limited deck of prospects. But the fantasy football approach to executive recruiting detailed in our new book, “Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your…