When All’s Not Quiet On the Office Front, Everyone Suffers

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Noise in the workplace annoys us – a lot. Surveys show that we care more about interior acoustics than we do about how clean our workplaces are, what we sit on, or the temperature of our offices. This sucks because the world is getting louder. Much louder. And our workplaces are not immune….

Lots of Color, Video Highlight New Amazon Career Site

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It’s been a while since we checked in on Amazon. Well, the company is informing its partners that it’s launching a new career website for operations and customer-service candidates. The previous amazonfulfillmentcareers.com will be replaced by the very blue-orange-purple amazondelivers.jobs. Like an increasing number of career sites (Deloitte, for example), Amazon uses job candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to suggest jobs that…

EEOC Says Transgender Employees Can Choose Their Bathroom

Around this time last year, I blogged here about OSHA’s Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers. According to OSHA, “all employees should be permitted to use the facilities that correspond to their gender identity.” And, it’s up to the employee to determine for him- or herself “the most appropriate and safest option.” It…

Why the Best Recruiters Have Learned to Love Data and Technology

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Recruiting is undergoing a technological renaissance. Veteran recruiters remember the advent of primitive databases that housed scanned images of hard-copy resumes, but the modern recruiter’s routine is infused with technology that helps them find and hire candidates faster and with higher success rates due to the ability to be precise in their approach….

Why You Should Break Up with Your “Go-to” Employee

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If you’ve ever been a manager, chances are, you had your go-to resources. These are the most reliable associates on your team. The go-to resource always gets the job done – exactly as you want it done or as you would do it. You don’t have to ask for a status update, you…

Recruitment Marketing: Your Thank-you Page Is Broken

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Do you like to leave pipelined talent hanging in the dark? Silly question, but most of you probably answered “No,” but based on what I’ve seen from most application systems, the answer is actually “Yes.” The problem lies in your thank-you page — the page a job seeker lands on immediately after completing…