Strong Private Sector Job Growth In June Adds 237,000 Workers; Small Businesses Lead the Way

ADP June 2015 report

Small businesses again led the way to the largest number of new private sector jobs to be created in six months. The ADP National Employment Report counted 237,000 new jobs in June, 120,000 of them created at companies with fewer than 50 employees. The sector that includes temp workers and some of the…

There’s No Talent Shortage If You Can Poach From Your Competitors


First of two parts Recruiting is just like fishing. You may think that there is a shortage of fish when the real problem is where you fish and what bait you use! I simply have to laugh when I hear CEOs and executives complain about the talent or skill shortages that their companies face….

5 Ways Smart, Proactive Employers Can Prepare Now for the New OT Rules


By Eric B. Meyer Somewhere between the time that I took this selfie at the start of my FMLA/ADA session at the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, and a few minutes later when the laptop with my PPT lost power, the U.S. Department of Labor decided it was time to…

Recruiters: Don’t Risk Your Credibility Because You Hate Giving Bad News


A lot of the recruiter bashing that occurs online is no doubt because there are so many people who blame recruiters when a company never provides a single word of follow-up information after an interview. It’s hard to blame anyone for being angry about that. Maybe they think recruiters are purposely withholding information…

Yes, Knowledge is Power, But Data Is Not

Big data

The “knowledge is power” idiom was originally attributed to Francis Bacon in the late 16th century. But like many time-honored theories and beliefs, the premise isn’t as simple as it appears; too much of something that is deemed “good” often ends up turning “bad.” We see this too often with excessive wealth and stardom. The concept also…

CEOs Seem to Get It, But What About HR Leaders?

Global survey

Here’s another survey analysis and report that should be required reading for all HR professionals — pwc’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey. The survey looks at how business leaders are finding new ways to compete in “an era of unprecedented digital change.” I know, it sounds like another consulting firm’s move to make the…