Gay Cop: ‘Believe It or Not, We Exist’

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.22.47 PMIn a new recruiting video below, a self-described “30-year-old white guy” tells you why he’s diverse: he’s a gay policeman in Texas.

Chris says that being a gay detective in Ft. Worth isn’t the big deal it used to be. And, he says, he hasn’t had a single problem at work.

The one officer he knew of who had a problem, according to Chris, used his orientation as more of an excuse, blaming his failures on what he perceived as discrimination.

I bring all that up to make the point that although one website has criticized the Ft. Worth video, it appears to be honest, authentic — even a little endearingly choppy and rough around the edges. (Remember how polished that other recent Texas police video, from Midland, was?)

It’s about four minutes, below.

  • Keith D. Halperin

    It’s a start. Let’s see how long it’s no longer a big deal to be a gay cop (or gay “anything”) in Muleshoe, Texas, or Provo, Utah, or Portales, New Mexico…
    Keith “Guess Where I’m From?” Halperin