Fistful of TV!

Our friends at Fistful of Talent just launched the pilot of their new FOTv show this morning.

There’s a ton of noise in the recruiting blogosphere these days, and Fistful is on a very short list of the blogs that have become my daily must-reads. Like everything they do, the pilot is fun and opinionated, and the production values set the bar high for everyone else in our industry who works with video.

I spoke with FOT Editor Kris Dunn today to learn more about the thinking behind the project and what we should expect in the future, and here’s what he told me:

  • Kris is a big sports fan, and the format for the show was inspired by ESPN’s PTI.
  • Moving forward, the plan is to produce the show weekly, and future shows will be much shorter — closer to five minutes in length than 20.
  • While the pilot was shot with Kris, Jessica Lee, and Josh Letourneau, future shows will feature a revolving cast of FOT contributors.

FOTv – Show #1 from Fistful of Talent on Vimeo.

  • Maureen Sharib

    Fabulous. Just fabulous.