Findly Buying Bernard Hodes? No, I Didn’t Get That Backwards

findlyHow’s this for a sign of the times: the 43-year-old recruitment advertising agency Bernard Hodes is being bought by a San Francisco-New Zealand upstart you may not have even heard of.

Bernard Hodes Group is part of the big agency Omnicom. Findly has been exhibiting at recruiting conferences, rolling out kitschy-named tools for managing candidates, mainly the coveted passive ones. Findly gets a big Madison Avenue sort of company to help it grow; Hodes gets a software-as-a-service techy company. Also, the union marries the market-to-them advertising part of the recruiting business with the community/CRM/gaming (engage them) part of it.

Here’s a q-and-a about the deal. You’ll see the deal closed on Friday, and that Findly — I mean Findly/Hodes — is owned by the Symphony Technology Group.

  • David Manaster

    Wow. It’s hard to express just how long the shadow was of the recruitment ad agencies in their heyday, and Hodes’ shadow was the longest.

  • charles handler

    The most interesting thing that may not be apparent is the fact that the private equity group that owns findly also owns a ton of assessment content from first advantage. So they now have assessments, an ATS, and a social media platform. These are the ingredients for a major play in the space. It will be interesting to see how they combine them moving fwd.

  • Kevin Wheeler

    I agree with Charles. This will be one to watch.

  • Keith Halperin

    Indeed. The key is in the integration (of the various acquisitions). They could become a smooth-running machine, or a bunch of loose parts bouncing around in a box…