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  • http://www.mycompas.com Jack Smith

    COMPAS Technology has two applicant tracking software products. One for corporate recruiting departments and another for Staffing Firms… Both have sourcing products to help you find the best talent via the social web.

    Don’t wait for good talent to find you… Find them first !!


  • http://www.blogging4jobs.com Blogging FourJobs

    It’s no wonder a successful hire is more likely at LinkedIn – LinkedIn is actually meant for hiring. Facebook is often the place for embarrassing photos, Twitter and Facebook for tell-all status messages and speaking one’s mind. LinkedIn is where we put on our virtual suits and ties and dress up for the professionals, not the other two sites. I’m sure many people on Facebook and Twitter have the potential to be hired, but then recruiters just find one little thing on a profile that changes their mind. That said, recruiting on Facebook is still a good strategy for employers because of sheer audience of the site, which LinkedIn doesn’t have.

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