• Martin Snyder

    20% of the remaining user base would still be an enormous Internet property.

    They should do that math for LinkedIn.

    They may also have to update their priors if Facebook adds value in new ways, which is a distinct possibility, of course.

  • Keith Halperin

    Pure anecdote: My 17 year old daughter says
    “Facebook is for old people”. She does Tumblr…


  • Nick Lagos

    A study coauthored by Keith Halperin (above) and Nick Lagos (me) on a total population of adolescents aged 14, 16 (my kids or MK) and 17 (his kid or HK) found study participants overwhelmingly “Liked”(L)Tumblr(T)over Facebook (F) at a rate of 100% studied.

    MK + HK = 100%
    L T

    MK + HK = 0%
    L F

    So… yea