• Joe Pacini

    It is garbage like this that is a massive waste of time and money and does nothing but cause chaos and destruction. If you cannot speak the truth and keep your position – then step down. Weak and simple-minded boys and girls that are mere puppets for the powers that be should not be doing men’s and women’s work!

  • http://www.oakwood-consultants.com Brian McIntyre

    Boo. This terrible article based on purely upon fiction and assumptions by two IT people who know nothing of recruiting or doing real work outside academia. Please don’t publish baseless junk like this that clearly has an agenda and is terribly divisive.

  • http://www.m.facebook.com/varcitygalaxy Rugshana Madatt

    Many people have Arabic names but are in fact Christian or Hindu or even Jewish. As an academic I also suspect this was propaganda and as a Muslim woman I’m glad to hear that the American people are not as gullible as their media and government would like them to be. We the true Muslims are all in favour of world peace. If women were ruling this planet we would actually achieve such peace. However, no matter what we, the majority of human beings want governments are still in charge. I doubt that wars will ever become extinct until the human race does.