• Chuck Vlasin

    Interesting ideas. As a person that runs the Employee Referral program for my company, I am always interested in finding ways to make it more effective not only for our employees, but for the organization. I believe that Employee Referral programs can be a source of great hires if managed properly and put together to benefit not only the employee, but the candidate as well. We have been using social media for soem time now and it would be interesting to link the referral to those efforts.

  • Martin Snyder

    What really matters is how much of the value-chain supplied by the search industry is locked-up in the mere identification of possible candidates v. the careful qualifying and presentation/persuasion involved with both sides of a search deal. My view is that the identifcation element is currently overvalued by social media mavens. That may change as the technology improves. It may not pay to be too private on LinkedIn either (who by the way is finished as a social network but has become the defacto professional standards reference for recruitment).

  • Todd Raphael

    Got a few emails today on this. One was from … Estonia, it looks like. About the site http://emp.ly/ which is just going live, the last few days. It’s targeting small and medium-size businesses and has apps to ease the posting and spreading of jobs on social networks, with rewards like Amazon gift cards tied to the ads.

  • Hans Gieskes

    interesting times – indeed today more new bright-eyed folks try to develop that silver bullet that will enable employers to leverage social networks for recruiting purposes. But – About $100m of VC money (refer.com, jobster, h3 and dozens more) has gone up in smoke during the last 15 years trying to crack this one.

    Underlying issues are:

    A) real test of employee satisfaction is when you ask him / her to actively vouch for their employer towards their personal social network.

    B) how not to replace job board resume spam with requests for referrals spam.

    C) how to motivate non-employees and 2nd degree connections and deal with tracking and back-office issues (tax).

    Good luck to the new class of referral recruiting companies…

  • Sachin Shekar

    Very good concept and interesting article. Got a mail from a recruiter colleague about a service called JobsByRef, which allows employees to easily promote their company jobs on social media sites with tracking and the works. Pretty cool I thought. For those of you interested in checking out here is the URL: http://www.jobsbyref.com?fn=sachin

  • http://emp.ly Andrus P

    Todd, thanks for mentioning Emp.ly in your comment!

    We’re currently running a free trial for our premium service which allows employers incentivize retweeting/sharing their postings on social networks. If you’d like to try it out just drop me an email andrus(at)emp.ly

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  • Steve Levy

    Artificial legs became especially useful when they more effectively interfaced and interacted with the body’s musculoskeletal and nervouse systems. Until then they were helpful but not like the current generation that enables people to even resume going back into a war zone.

    So now there’s another round technology tools to assist with employee referrals – but still missing the elements that enable them to interface with people. You’re right Marty – the analysts have overvalued the social media element, essentially giving more weight to the platform over the people.

    Receiving an email with a carrot doesn’t make the referral system a success. When will those in HR tech get this?

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  • Todd Raphael

    Yet another new company in the employee-referrals-meet-social-media world: Hireplug. Hireplug.com, naturally, is its URL. Recruiters from Accenture, Starbucks, and Unisys have demoed it. So has Master Burnett, who likes the fact that referrals can engage quickly, rather than get handed off to an ATS, but says the Hireplug user interface can be choppy.

  • Martin Snyder

    I’m no english prof, but HirePlug is a word that does not ring positive to my ear. I think I might have called my little brother one at some point when we were still immature (like last month)…….

  • http://www.hireplug.com Rajan Chandi

    Thanks for your comments. We are working on the User Interface. The name change of the Hireplug – We can do only after getting considerable initial traction. So, hard to change at this point. Best Regards, Rajan Chandi

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