• Keith Halperin

    Thanks, John. Since when would the fact that a given marketing or recruiting technique not work be a reason to not spend money on it? If customers only spent money on what had been objectively proven to work, most vendors would be out of business, and THEN where would we be?


  • http://www.nasinteractive.com Kevin B Hawkins

    What I see here is that the most difficult to manage, high maintenance new media environments: Google+, Twitter and Facebook are all at the bottom of a list of much more controlled and familiar marketing tactics. Is this about a Facebook failure or just speaking to the challenge of marketing in these new environments?

    But hey – if you want to sell a report for $499, having a title like: “Why Facebook Is Failing Marketers –
    The Leading Social Network Has Abandoned Social Marketing” is great link-bait, sells the fear, builds interest, spurs water cooler talk, etc, etc. So – great marketing choice there.

    I agree to a certain point with the report’s intro/abstract that “[Facebook] has quietly become almost entirely reliant upon Web 1.0-style display ads and simplistic targeting — and marketers say those display ads just aren’t working.” But, are all these brands engaging their audience properly once they have bitten on the ‘display ad’ bait? Additionally, what is dismissed as ‘simplistic targeting’ seems powerful compared to the lack of targeting available when you look at CPM options in many employment vertical environments.

    Has Facebook managed to present next generation marketing tools on it’s platform that totally change the advertising paradigm to social? No. Could they be accused of monetization over-reach? Sure. But both could be said of others as well.

    I think the challenge here is that the Facebook marketing product is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s what you do once you engage that audience that matters. If you do it well, I have a hard time thinking that an even partly ‘engaged-by-choice’ social brand audience isn’t a more powerful marketing resource than some pure online display advertising approach(ranked at 3.72).

    Just my $.02.