College Football’s Recruiting Meat Market


ESPN’s Bruce Feldman’s new book “Meat Market” chronicles the business of recruiting in big-time college football, with a focus on Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron. In his talk with ERE, you may get ideas (including when he discusses “negative recruiting”) that can work in the corporate America.

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  • Bryan Chaney

    Wow. I wonder how long it will take HR leaders to connect the dots between recruiting perceptions of candidates (athletes in this case) and the beliefs of prospective hires for their company. There is often a disconnect between what they feel is valued and what their target employees value. From brands, to simple environmental differences, it pays to not only measure these perspectives, but analyze and truly figure out what those implications mean for your business. This is a great piece – a little long in spots, but a valuable tool to see parallels in recruiting. Thanks for sharing.

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