• http://www.itaccel.com Scott R

    A FB based job board sounds promising to me as well, but I think it would need to be something different in order to catch on. It’s not LinkedIn or a job board, so its approach needs to be new and appropriate for the kind of data that they have.

  • Chris Hoyt

    Just lobbed a response article your way. Nice write-up, Lance. Thanks!


  • http://www.norauk.com Stephen O’Donnell

    I believe FB have made it deliberately basic, in order to get the recruitment ball rolling, and use content from the partners. When they do upscale it (and sell their own ads directly), they will allow jobseekers to have a separate profile layer for users with selected professional info. Branchout and Beknown are indeed flops because they don’t seem to “get” facebook, and they are limited in what FB will let them do. LinkedIn is safe for now, but it could be a future threat.

    I run The National Online Recruitment Awards in the UK, and have also written on this topic.


  • http://community.ere.net/blogs/the-careerxroads-annex/ Gerry Crispin

    Good job Lance. I’m stealing the most important catch phrase for my ‘trends’ bellwether that I send to Colloquium members…”this is just a placeholder for something bigger”.

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