• http://www.mnheadhunter.com Paul DeBettignies

    Hold on… BranchOut and BeKnown?

    Are they still around? BranchOut has not Tweeted from their account in a year and BeKnown almost a year.

    They have not been written about here in the past year or more as best I can remember.

    And I thought BranchOut changed their model to a work chat app or something.

  • http://www.brandemix.com Jason Ginsburg

    Paul, BranchOut’s website says it is “the world’s largest professional network, with over 800 million profiles. BranchOut uses your Facebook network to find your inside connections.”

    Monster’s BeKnown site says the its employers package lets recruiters “engage active and passive seekers with a company profile, showcase your recruitment brand and your open Monster positions with a detailed company profile. Turn your Facebook fans into potential hires by adding a Jobs App to your Facebook page.”

    So, yes, BranchOut and BeKnown are still around. Whether they tweet or not 🙂

  • http://www.mnheadhunter.com Paul DeBettignies

    Jason, fair enough. So neither are dead. Are either being effectively used to recruit? One can have access to 800M profiles… does it work? Locally and nationally I heard nothing from practitioners and the speaker, “cool kids” group that these tools are working.

    And what about the change BranchOut made last year… essentially changing their model.


  • http://www.socialtalent.co Jonathan Campbell

    Both Branchout and Beknown ARE effectively dead. Work4’s solution for searching Facebook is now the defacto standard in recruitment if you dont use Facebook Graph Search. Identified are also in this space but Workday’s recent acquisition of that company leave their Facebook sourcing product in some doubt

  • Kelly

    Namegeneration.net is a great tool for finding both resumes and social data. It gives you the contact info you need to actually get in touch with candidates.

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  • Kelly

    Namegeneration.net is an excellent sourcing tool.