• http://www.carquest.com Ginger Graham

    *whistle*… that is quite a hefty price tag for a talent community.

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  • http://www.hireplug.com Raj K

    @Ginger indeed! Just to add, this “game changing” service is already being provided by “we are hiring” facebook app , launched by hireplug.com earlier in the year and yes it does not come with such a heavy price tag!

  • Keith Halperin

    Hmmm. For $150,000: you could hire 7 40hr/week virtual phone/internet sourcers for a year.


  • http://www.comerecommended.com Heather Huhman

    I remain surprised that the cost of a permission e-mail marketing list is so high. This same solution can be accomplished in Access or Excel, yet the market inappropriately places a high value on this sort of a solution. They are NOT offering a “talent community;” it is a spreadsheet.

    By definition, a community is social and involves two-way interaction between the parties. A social talent community facilitates collaboration and sharing of information. It involves people conversing and working together to solve problems, meet goals, share opinions, and ideas. Social engagement such as this makes people feel included and compelled to contribute positively to the betterment of the whole community.

    Qualified job seekers who respond to a job posting want to connect with a company. They responded to a job posting because they were genuinely interested in working for the company. A true talent community provides a platform for two-way communication, tracking and documenting interactions and progress in the recruitment process. By more effectively engaging prospective candidates and the job seeking community, a company strengthens its employment brand.

    I applaud players in this market who are trying to innovate, but there are far more superior solutions available at a fraction of the cost. I recommend reviewing Cachinko (http://www.Cachinko.com). From what I’ve seen, it is one of the most advanced and complete recruitment marketing technologies available, and to my knowledge, it is the only company that effectively achieves the objectives of a true social talent community, as outlined above.

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  • http://www.jamesriverins.com Gordon Collier

    For free you can set up your own talent group on LinkedIN and do it yourself…Pretty easy.

  • http://haystackhire.com Alexis Perrier

    It shows that there is room for products that simply make it easier for people to do things that they already can do.
    As long as you add some structure, save some people’s time and make something struggle free, you’ve got a product.

  • Jon Friesen

    From researching this solution the offering not only provides optimization of your jobs and ATS, but also provides referral management, social media plugsins, CRM managment, content mgmt, talent community mgmt and builds out over 10,000 microsite pages off the .jobs.net domain, which indexes 8th on google if you just type in jobs in the query box. I dont think many offerings can do that? Its one think to optimize your jobs, but if no one sees it then what good is it?