• http://www.wardtechtalent.com Mark Byrne

    Great point about blogging being a useful tool when it comes to mobile internet users. More and more website traffic is coming from mobile and having a blog post that uses far less data than say a video, is an excellent way to attract mobile traffic.

  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Raghav. Hope you’re still recuperating…

    I wish to protest how your thoughtful, fact-based analysis may diminish the income of the well-healed SNR (“Social Network Recruiting”, or is it “Snake-Oil Recruiting”?) hucksters who for the past few years pitched it as “the Greatest Thing since the Last Thing We Tried to Sell You”. Not only does it appear that SNR does not effectively “quickly put quality butts in chairs,” it doesn’t even very effectively “SLOWLY put quality butts in chairs” and such results as do occur require a long-term, carefully-focused effort, and the bandwidth for such is usually sorely lacking in most organizations. If this were a samurai movie, the only course for those who advocated a massive commitment to SNR prior to the proof of its validity (which we’ve seen isn’t valid) would be to commit seppuku (aka, “hara-kiri”), but this is 2013 America, so just continue on wasting our time and your companies’ money…It’s fortunate that none of the Recruiting Leaders among our readers would be included in these people just mentioned.- our Recruiting Leaders are too rational and measured in their decision-making to hastily jump aboard the latest recruiting bandwagon…



  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobsmadsen Jacob Madsen

    Interesting article Raghav
    Question: Is it not fair to say, given that so few have actually figured out how to truly measure ROI that ‘the jury is still out’ in this respect? What I mean is that isn’t is a tad too quick to dismiss the meaning and the impact of social media? When looking at what is pronounced the new ROI being the ROE Return Of Engagement and that this eventually (supposedly) will lead to hires and that you in article describe that SM does increase exposure then that surely must mean that result in the form of brand recognition (and engagement) is coming through. At the same time and looking around the Fortune 500 circle there is hardly the large brand name where talent is absolutely key that have not invested heavily in a range of SM activities. It is not for me to speak for others, but I have heard of numerous examples from some of these global companies that they a r e seeing their SM activities pay off and lead to hires. My point is and despite anyone throwing it into doubt is that these companies where margins and winning is essential do not get on board a range of initiatives unless there is substance behind and it one way or another ROI Most companies are fighting for space in the ‘get know and get profiled stakes’ trailing behind the likes of Google that hold number one spot in employer attractiveness globally, why the most important aspect is to tell the world who and what you are and hope that this recognition will yield engagement as and when a role get advertised and/or when someone makes an approach. Finally and what is really driving why the whole Social Media involvement has come about and kind of dictating and pushing anyone beyond the age of 35 years old is Generation Y, those that live their lives on social media and to whom if it is not on social media, then it does not exist.
    So in conclusion from me, I think there is much much more to this and to dismiss and throw Social Media importance and impact into doubt is to undervalue the huge significance (measurable and ROI or not) of what it is, what it does and what it can lead to.

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