EEOC Says Transgender Employees Can Choose Their Bathroom

Around this time last year, I blogged here about OSHA’s Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Workers. According to OSHA, “all employees should be permitted to use the facilities that correspond to their gender identity.” And, it’s up to the employee to determine for him- or herself “the most appropriate and safest option.” It…

Recruitment Marketing: Your Thank-you Page Is Broken

thank you
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Do you like to leave pipelined talent hanging in the dark? Silly question, but most of you probably answered “No,” but based on what I’ve seen from most application systems, the answer is actually “Yes.” The problem lies in your thank-you page — the page a job seeker lands on immediately after completing…

Leadership Lessons From a Yogurt Factory

Chobani Yogurt
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“The money means a lot but being appreciated means even more.” “We use to work together as a team but now we are partners and you are owners.” “This is just amazing, who does that?” “It has been my dream to give back to the people and this community, they were responsible for…

Return on Time (ROT) – The Difference between Average Recruiters and Advanced Experts

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A very important but largely overlooked stat in sourcing is return on time (ROT).  Many areas in recruiting/sourcing are judged by time, such as time to fill.  Return on time is the average hours a recruiter or sourcer takes to get a submission.  This stat changes from industry to industry, but the industry average…

Challenge: Name the Recruiting Results With the Highest Impact on Business Performance  

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This article covers the tremendous value that comes from adding “risk management” to recruiting. Now you are probably thinking, “I’m in recruiting, why on earth would I read an article about risk management?” Well, first off because risk management would reveal which of the many recruiting outputs or results, when they are below…

Thought Diversity: A New Way to Hire, Manage and Reward

Diversity Thinking
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When you think of effective workplace diversity, you probably think of people of different genders, races, and cultures putting their diverse backgrounds to good use. You may also think about legal requirements and ensuring compliance. These thoughts are correct, but there’s another way to think about diversity. There’s a growing trend when it comes to…