Why You Need to Adopt Employee Goal-Setting to Really Drive Performance

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Google the definition of a goal and you will find this: “The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. An intention.” As a manager, your role is to shape the intentions for each team member to deliver the results required for the individual, team and company to succeed….

Why Critical Thinking is So Important for Sourcing by @ResearchGoddess

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The recent news of LinkedIn’s acquisition of Connectifier sent the world of recruiting and sourcing into a frenzy. It’s been interesting to watch reactions to the news – some congratulated Connectifier for this huge win, while others prepare for yet another sourcing tool to disappear by being integrated into an existing resource. I…

Is There A Good Way To Fire Someone? No, But Don’t Ever Do It By Phone


Editor’s Note: As I wind down my stint as Editor of TLNT — yes, I’m going to be leaving next month— I wanted to share some of my favorite posts. Here’s one from September 2011. If there’s one thing that struck me this week about the firing of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, it’s this:…

Despite Opposition in Congress, Overtime Rules Will Probably Change in July

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By Eric B. Meyer On Feb. 9, over 100 members of Congress signed this letter to U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez to voice their opposition to the new proposed overtime rules, which could go into effect in July. I only have an electronic version of the letter. But, it looks like it was…

Behind the Big Blow-Up and Controversial CEO Resignation at Zenefits

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For the past few years Zenefits, the startup HR technology company, has seemed invincible. Investors everywhere were clamoring to be a part of what was supposed to be the biggest shakeup the health insurance industry had ever seen, apart from the Affordable Care Act. Just last May, the company was able to raise $500 million in…

Big Data and Talent Acquisition: Why data-driven decisions are critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s war for talent

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What is “Big Data”? As a talent acquisition leader with nearly 20 years recruiting in various verticals, I’ve heard a myriad of definitions and ways in which my peers use data in their respective programs. I’ve seen and collected an abundance of data myself in specific areas for use in talent acquisition. Ways…

Top Countries Where They Lie About Salaries (and Those Where They’re Honest)

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A recent international survey, the Intelligence Group’s Global Talent Acquisition Monitor, asked 64,000 respondents from 45 different countries about their honesty during a job interview. Specifically, they were asked to indicate whether they mention the real salary they earn in their current/previous job, or, choose to overstate it. Not surprisingly, the survey shows that many individuals…