An Idea You Won’t Want to Steal (and One You Will)

Ikea for roundupFor today’s roundup we tackle two important subjects: The behavioral interview, and thinking inside the box.

Indeed you read that correctly. We go inside the box with Ikea to assemble a team of sales associates, warehouse workers, cashiers, oh, shoot, the entire collection of workers it takes to make one of those gigantic blue and yellow warehouse cum showrooms operate.

But as that is actually instructional, we’ll start off with interviews.

Google, which has been doing away with any number of things lately — 20 percent time, fraternization rules, marriages — has supposedly done away with the weird questions it used to fire at candidates. You know, things like, “How many piano tuners are there in the entire world?”

Interviewers now focus on behavioral questions. Those are things like, “How do you handle challenges? Give me an example of a challenge you faced.”

Nothing wrong with that. Except there are something like 10,000 places to get advice on handling the whole constellation of behavioral questions. If you really want to test your candidate, try the technique outline in the video.

Inside The Box With Ikea

Done with that video? Good. As a reward for putting up with that silliness, here’s an idea from Ikea you can steal. Oh what? You think talent acquisition leaders read Roundup? They’re much too busy reading stuff like the Statistical Journal of Human Capital Acquisition, with lots of charts and references to regressions and coefficients that the writers hope will sufficiently impress their deans so they’ll get that promotion to full professor.

So feel free to steal from Ikea (the idea, not products) and pass it off as your own idea.