A Steel Cat, an Enchanted Forest, and a Depression Zone Await You at Groupon

Talk about differences in corporate cultures: there is serious and there is not.

And from the not department comes this new video from Groupon.

It’s a tour of the company’s new office space aimed at people already employed with the company (some not in Chicago) as well as potential employees.

It was made internally by the company’s editorial department (where one job ad says candidates should possess “an intolerance of inaccurate data that borders on hatred.”)

Dan Jessup, Groupon’s head of people strategy, tells me it was based on “old Walt Disney promotional VHS tapes that inspired kids to go to Disney World.”

  • Keith Halperin

    Groupon Editorial Department:

    Take some comedy classes at Second City, and don’t quit your day jobs….


  • http://www.verticalelevation.com Carol Schultz

    @Keith: I think the idea is that the video is kitchy, which is effective. They are following the model of fun office space where Google has been so successful. Very smart Groupon!

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Carol: Makes sense, if you’re going for perky, 20-something, pseudo-ironic, hipsteroids/hipsterettes. They LOVE that kind of stuff…

    Here’s what Glassdoor says:

    2.9 of 5 – 249 reviews
    http://www.groupon.com HQ: Chicago, IL
    Very Satisfied 41
    Satisfied 51
    Neutral – OK 48
    Dissatisfied 51
    Very Dissatisfied 58