6 Best-of-breed Solutions for Talent Acquisition in 2013

HR technology is evolving rapidly, with huge advancements in social, cloud, and mobile solutions this year. We’re excited for what 2013 will bring and how the latest technology will transform the way hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates engage with each other in the hiring process.

Jobvite for applicant tracking: Jobvite does not look and feel like your typical enterprise ATS. The design of its user interface is inspired by social networks, so it’s familiar, easy to use, and intuitive. Plus, integrations with modern technology like LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, and Google calendars allows for a seamless workflow, without launching extra applications.

LinkedIn Recruiter for sourcing: Boasting over 175 million users, LinkedIn is the ultimate professional social network. The Recruiter feature is a must-have to access users who you wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact outside your network. The refined search filters and bulk InMail templates are great for contacting candidates at scale.

HireVue for video interviewing: This leading digital interviewing platform was also awarded Human Resource Executive’s Top HR Product of the Year for its mobile app. HireVue has focused on the candidate experience — giving job seekers the flexibility to interview from home, on their own time.

Indeed for job distribution: This job board aggregator has perfected SEO strategy, with results usually within the first five rankings on top search engines. We give special credit to its resume search tool that makes it really fast and simple to search the 70 million job seekers in its database.

HireRight for background screening: Its Applicant Center™ also has the candidate experience in mind by letting candidates see the criteria for which they were evaluated, and provides a mobile site for candidates to check status of paperwork and electronically sign documents. HireRight says it has seen candidate dissatisfaction rates decline by 56% as a result.

TMP Worldwide for recruitment advertising: Winning more than 50 awards for its top clients this year (ESPN, Capital One, PwC, and more) TMP earned the title of the world’s leading recruitment advertising agency. AT&T received ERE’s award for the Best Military Talent Program, and UPS received ERE’s award for Most Strategic Use of Technology.

In addition to these improvements in the hiring process, we’re anticipating talent communities will also play an important role in helping companies nurture talent over time. The lighter touch, more social online engagement of a talent community is exactly what candidates have been looking for (at least, we of course hope so).

What other innovative talent acquisition solutions are you planning to check out next year?

  • http://www.zao.com Ziv Eliraz

    A category missing up top is platforms for managing referrals (both employee and non employee referrals) and mastering social recruiting. We humbly submit Zao as candidate for best of breed. Check out http://www.zao.com or contact us to judge for yourself!

  • http://www.inboundrecruiter.com Brian Kevin Johnston

    Thanks for sharing, but Disagree with list, not because they are not good, but they are not “Best of Breed”, as the headlines suggest…

  • Doug Cohen

    Thanks for sharing I am not sure if I agree with the list. I am a consultant and lot of client I deal don’t have the budget as the large corporations do. It will be interesting to see what happens in 2013

  • Keith Halperin

    Thanks, Matt.
    May I suggest we open it up to our Gentle Readers to submit their own “Best Of” List. (They should disclose if they have some sort of financial or other type of interest.)

    Also, I’d like people to submit their own “Worst Of” Lists.
    I’ll begin with my Worst Large-Company ATS (technically, this was from 2011, so they may fixed it by now, though I doubt it):

    At the major organization where my colleagues and I worked, a candidate could simply not apply externally (though they were told to)- they had to be internally entered by a recruiter. The IT estimated it would be 6-18 months before it would be fixed. I attribute this not to the lack of competence of the IT staff (though there was a lot of that, too), but the dysfunction of the PS system itself.

    Merry Christmas,

    Keith keithsrj@sbcglobal.net

  • Ty Chartwell

    Matt, nice effort, thanks for sharing, but i think you had too much eggnog. How do you define Best of Breed? HireRight is a good technology solution, but the rest you highlight are pretty standard.

  • http://www.ascendify.com Matt Hendrickson

    Brian, Doug & Ty – admittedly too much hyperbole in the title (“best-of…” redacted). As Keith suggests, it would be great to hear what works best for you and why (even if it’s not a technology solution).

  • Doug Cohen

    As a Recruiting professional for the past seventeen years most of the companies I have been in cant afford or wont purchase LinkedIn recruiter or they have just one seat, same other sites mentioned. I locate candidates from referrals, LinkedIn basic and pro and Boolean search. I have heard many recruiter say that Boolean is dead-I don’t agree with that. I think to myself maybe they don’t know how to write a string or don’t understand.-but that another post.
    I also source from conferences, organizations/associations/news letters/twitter , LinkedIn Groups. Call me old fashion but it still works.

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Doug: If we only talked on ERE about what most companies and recruiters could afford/are realistically able to do, there’d be hardly anything here except for Todd’s and John’s articles. Also, like you I agree Boolean isn’t dead, by any means.


    Keith “Have Some Good Chinese Today” Halperin

  • Jon Flanders

    Solid list, Matt.

    A group that is missing that I HOPE will have a large impact in 2013 is mobile apply.

    Any feedback on good mobile apply vendors/functions? From a simple apply solution, I’ve seen feedback that Indeed Apply beats out LinkedIn Apply (http://blog.ziprecruiter.com/2012/07/18/linkedin-vs-indeed-the-apply-button-smackdown/).

    Any feedback on Jibe or other more robust services?

  • http://www.talentcommunity.net Marvin Smith

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and this article. One thing each of your best of breed solutions have in common (except HireVue & HireRight), is that they are based on capturing the active prospect or candidate as they are based on an advertising model. And in each case, we are advertising a job which only active and some of the semi-passive talent audience will be responsive. The data indicates that passive candidates do not respond to job advertising. And if each of us is honest with ourselves, our experience for 2012 supports that this thesis.

    Like you, I am hopeful that communities of talent will offer a viable method of nurturing talent. My experience with communities of talent is that they offer an effective method of attracting the passive talent audience.

  • Keith Halperin

    @ Marvin. I think that many firms want to have talent communities to create effective candidates pipelines, but lack the money, time, people to do so. I know of a company that claims to be able to affordably outsource the talent community process to not only provide the technology and processes, but also the training for existing recruiting staff to most effectively, create, implement, use, and improve the TCS, or even provide contract recruiters to do it if the firms don’t have the recruiters themselves. It’ll be interesting to see how this model does….


    Keith keithsrj@sbcglobal.net

  • http://workedwith.com Michael Brown

    This is a good list and I agree with the comments about the cost of most recruiting solutions. I submit for the record, WorkedWith.com. A solution that is free for both candidates and recruiters. Candidates let WorkedWith interview their references upfront and provide them a personal url to share with one or more recruiters. Recruiter don’t have to waste time chasing down a candidates’ references and are certain they are hearing verified reference, because we do the work for them.


    We are in public beta: http://workedwith.com

  • http://www.jobbook.com Antoine de Brabant
  • Ryann Reddy

    Namegeneration.net is another great service. It brings social and professional data together in one place. It includes contact information and links to sites that make up an individuals digital footprint. They also develop email addresses based on an individuals name and current company using common naming conventions. They offer a 7 day free trial to boot.

  • https://www.tazio.co.uk/ Matthew Evans

    http://www.tazio.co.uk/ is an advanced online digital interview platform. Recruiters can set an unlimited amount of audio, video and text based questions that candidates then answer via webcam.

    Each interview is completely customizable to improve company awareness.

    Adapting to this process saves employers not only valuable time but significantly reduces cost during the recruitment process.

    A lot of companies with a lrage turnover of staff are now taking on this kind of software as the main stream recruitment process, while research proves that candidates prefer this method of employment application too. So therefore it is only a matter of time before this method is seen across all areas of recruitment.

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  • http://www.media61.com John Peters

    A Company that I just started using is OnMyWay.com, I have not seen anything like it…Pretty Fantastic so far…

    I will keep you posted.