HiringSolved Launches 3 New Sourcing Products

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HiringSolved, a startup based in Arizona, is announcing three new sourcing products this week. At the last SourceCon event, members of a keynote panel agreed that sourcers and recruiters should be searching their own CRMs and ATS’s before venturing out to do more obscure sourcing activities. This recommendation was met with eye rolls and sarcastic remarks from…

5 Field-Tested Methods For Managing Virtual Employees

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The world of work is changing. Employee preferences for more flexibility and need for a better work-life balance have led companies to adapt by allowing their employees to work virtually or to telecommute. The evolution of technology – phone, email, instant messaging, VPN, laptop, mobile email – has also allowed companies to provide…

Find Out the Country Where You’re Most Likely to Lie About Your Salary

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An international survey asked 64,000 respondents from 45 different countries about their honesty during a job interview. Specifically, they were asked to indicate whether they mention the real salary they earn in their current/previous job, or choose to overstate it. Not surprisingly, the survey shows that many individuals misstate the actual amount. In most of…

Here’s What I Would Do If the President Made Me the HR Czar

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I think the next President should add a new position to their cabinet. That position would be called HR Czar. That person should be me, and here’s what I would do as the HR Czar. As HR Czar I would: Establish a national database of “No Call, No Shows” on interviews. This database…

How Do You Handle Employees With a Super Bowl Hangover Today?

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By Eric B. Meyer Carolina Panthers. Denver Broncos. Meh. Doritos won the Super Bowl, am I right? But, for the 10 percent of your workforce that may be missing work today because of a Super Bowl “hangover,” you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get their opinions on the Super Bowl commercials. Handling those who…