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The Key Operational Components of an Effective Talent Pipeline


Let’s face reality: most sourcing efforts are extremely rushed. As a result, there is a high probability that in key jobs, your sourcing effort will completely miss a significant number of high-quality external prospects. If you instead want to avoid missing a single top prospect, a superior approach is to stretch out the…

What Makes a Top Sales Performer? 4 Insights From Analyzing 1,000 Top Sales Performers


It’s well-known that top performers disproportionately contribute to company revenue – up to four times more compared to the average. When it comes to sales recruitment, it’s a puzzle we’re all trying to solve: What do top sales performers look like? What drives them? And how do you duplicate them? At ldeal, we’ve…

A Little-known Fortune 100 Company Is Trying to Become a ‘Talent Factory’


A not-well-known company that’s nonetheless one of the U.S.’s largest, operating in 160 countries with about $47 billion in revenue, is trying to “transform the organization into a talent factory,” according to the talent-acquisition leader. Ingram Micro is a electronics/IT distributor with about 200,000 customers. A Chinese group called HNA has announced an interest in acquiring it…

Dean Da Costa Teaches Us How To Find That Lead


Find that Lead, or FTL as it is known, is a chrome extension that can help you find contact information from people’s profiles on LinkedIn. Once installed it will appear on your Chrome Toolbar. Using it is simple. When you find a candidate on LinkedIn, simply click the extension. FTL will open a…

5 Interview Questions That Actually Help you Hire


With the hiring stakes so high, many companies are following Google’s lead and trying to throw people off their guard with oddball interview questions designed to highlight the best candidates. But, do questions like “how many table tennis balls could you fit in a Boeing 747” really tell you how suitable someone is…

How a Job Candidate’s Going to Fit Into Your Culture


A culture fit is that missing piece, the person who fills certain roles, thinks in certain ways, and whose skills and personality will complement, not duplicate, those of your existing team. That means that culture fit will look different for each position, or even for the same position at different points in time….