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Tech Insights: Turning Our Conception of a Job Ad Upside Down

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I had a chance to meet with Maury Hanigan of Sparc (formerly Match-Click) at Talent Tech Labs in New York.  Her company produces a solution for creating recruitment advertisements. I’ve written about this area before (GlideHR) and noted how badly written most job ads are. But whereas GlideHR aims to take terrible advertisements…

Five Ways HR Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

HR Technology
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If you’ve been in the industry for long enough, you’ve no doubt noticed a lot of evolution in the world of human capital management technology. We now have more sophisticated solutions than ever before for completing all sorts of HCM tasks. There’s new technology for performing core functions like handling payroll and benefits,…

OK, You’re an HR Leader and Have HR Data. Now What?

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It’s no secret that HR organizations traditionally have lagged their finance and sales brethren in their use of data analytics. According to analyst Josh Bersin, only 4 percent of companies currently are using predictive analytics due to two primary challenges: Many companies are distracted by efforts to replace outdated HR systems (which, ironically, may…

The Top 4 Talent Management Trends You Should Watch For in 2016

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As companies prepare for the year ahead, business leaders and HR professionals might want to consider four key talent management trends in 2016: A rethinking of the annual performance review; Improving corporate culture and employee engagement; Finding new methods to source talent; Using analytics to drive better talent decisions. 1. A new approach…

Using Behavioral Interview Questions Results in a Better Quality of Hire

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I’m going to tell you below 1) why hard interviews are generally a good thing, and 2) how to make yours harder. So you have some data as to why I’m telling you this — recently Glassdoor undertook a study conducted by examining a large sample of interview reviews as well as company reviews….

Talent Assessments As You Know Them Could Become Obsolete

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What’s new in talent assessment? Nothing and everything. Looking back on the year that was in HR tech and reflecting on this year’s awesome HR technology tradeshow, talent assessment remains a small, but significant, cog in the massive HR technology machine. Despite a general lack of true innovation, the talent assessment industry is thriving….

Want Top-performing Hires? Learning Ability May Be The No. 1 Predictor

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Everyone involved in corporate recruiting knows that hiring managers value education because we routinely use it as an absolute requirement to screen in or screen out candidates for hiring. But unfortunately, both recruiters and hiring managers all too often focus exclusively on a single type of learning: formal education. This can lead to…

The 8 Things That References Say Candidates Need to Improve On

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The New York Times had an interesting feature in the Sunday Review section on October 18, titled “Why What You Learned in Preschool Is Crucial at Work.” It discusses how important social skills are for today’s fastest-growing jobs. In the same vein, this article also goes on to say that research proves that…