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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: The Next Frontier

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It’s early, but virtual reality is showing some promise as a recruiting tool. Employers ranging from the British Army to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia are using it to give candidates a preview of their facilities and the experience of working there. Further along in using virtual reality are colleges engaged in recruiting athletes. Football programs…

Leveraging HR Analytics: Better Productivity From Some Telltale Donut Bags


Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from the book It’s All About Bob (bie): Strategies For Winning With Your Employees, published by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated. By David Creelman When we hear the phrase “HR analytics” it sounds very, well, very uninteresting. You may also think it’s a technical subject, suitable only for people who find statistics fun….

Bad HR Tech Implementations — It’s not the Tech, It’s You


It’s funny what causes people to write articles. This one is based out of frustration given recent pieces I have read online, plus comments in social media threads. In short, there is some pretty shitty advice being handed out from people who have never implemented a complex CRM or ATS solution. This is also…

Four Important Ways That Technology Is Influencing HR


Over the last 10 years, new technology has practically made the concept of “traditional workspace” a thing of the past. Today’s employees can work from anywhere, on any platform, at any time. Web-based software, SaaS, and social media have allowed employers to recruit talent in locations once considered completely inaccessible. And today’s new…

23 Industry & Candidate Insights Every Tech Recruiter NEEDS to Know


In January 2016, Stack Overflow (one of the biggest online platforms where tech professionals can ask and answer questions of each other regarding all aspects of programming), undertook the most comprehensive developer survey ever conducted. They asked over 56,000 coders in 173 countries to share who they are, where they work, what they…

How to Avoid Gender Bias in the Hiring Process With Technology


Make a game about time travel and talking lizards, nobody objects. Make a game about the gender gap, “This is unrealistic!”  — Mauro Vanetti The amount of hate Mauro Vanetti received for his two-minute game was insane. Mauro made “Two Interviewees” as a tiny gaming experiment with the anti-sexist theme. And the Internet exploded…

Tech Insights: Can Analytics (or Culture) Really Trump Politics?


Ten years ago, one retailer was far ahead of the curve on analytics. It built a skilled analytics team the likes of which most of us would envy today. However in the end the team was disbanded. The organization’s leaders felt their deep expertise in retail trumped anything analytics could tell them. Furthermore,…

Tech Insights: On-Demand Talent Comes to the Aid of Recruiting


One of the most important new categories of HR technology is the talent platform. These are the apps that connect clients to on-demand labor. In almost any field you can imagine, there are skilled people eager to work on short-term projects. Of course, you need to find those people and that’s why this…

Tech Insights: Turning Our Conception of a Job Ad Upside Down

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I had a chance to meet with Maury Hanigan of Sparc (formerly Match-Click) at Talent Tech Labs in New York.  Her company produces a solution for creating recruitment advertisements. I’ve written about this area before (GlideHR) and noted how badly written most job ads are. But whereas GlideHR aims to take terrible advertisements…