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Tech Insights: Turning Our Conception of a Job Ad Upside Down

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I had a chance to meet with Maury Hanigan of Sparc (formerly Match-Click) at Talent Tech Labs in New York.  Her company produces a solution for creating recruitment advertisements. I’ve written about this area before (GlideHR) and noted how badly written most job ads are. But whereas GlideHR aims to take terrible advertisements…

Five Ways HR Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

HR Technology
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If you’ve been in the industry for long enough, you’ve no doubt noticed a lot of evolution in the world of human capital management technology. We now have more sophisticated solutions than ever before for completing all sorts of HCM tasks. There’s new technology for performing core functions like handling payroll and benefits,…

OK, You’re an HR Leader and Have HR Data. Now What?

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It’s no secret that HR organizations traditionally have lagged their finance and sales brethren in their use of data analytics. According to analyst Josh Bersin, only 4 percent of companies currently are using predictive analytics due to two primary challenges: Many companies are distracted by efforts to replace outdated HR systems (which, ironically, may…

The Top 4 Talent Management Trends You Should Watch For in 2016

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As companies prepare for the year ahead, business leaders and HR professionals might want to consider four key talent management trends in 2016: A rethinking of the annual performance review; Improving corporate culture and employee engagement; Finding new methods to source talent; Using analytics to drive better talent decisions. 1. A new approach…

Tech Insights: Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of HR

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We all know that computers are getting better at things like image recognition and translating languages. What you may not know is that for 10 years after the turn of the century there was very little progress. We had hit an R&D wall and it was only when researchers (many funded by the…

Evolve or Die: A Former Skype Executive on Hiring Challenges in a Smaller World

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I was lucky to get an interview with Sten Tamkivi from Teleport, a tech entrepreneur, most recently residing at Andreessen Horowitz. After starting a few companies in Estonia, he joined a start-up called Skype as an early executive in 2005, where he ran the original R&D office and held several global product engineering…

Want Insight Into HR Systems and Where They’re Going? This Survey Lets You Know

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One of the highlights of the HR Technology Conference each fall is the publication of the annual HR Systems Survey White Paper by Sierra-Cedar. With the retirement of long-time analyst Lexy Martin, Stacey Harris has stepped up magnificently and published a whopper of an analysis of all things HR tech, the 18th since…

Technology Insights: Technology to Improve the Candidate Experience

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A candidate coming into an interview will have a great experience if the HR team has the resources to orchestrate a carefully run process. A candidate will have a terrible experience if the hiring manager happens to be a jerk. But most often, the experience is neither great nor terrible, just on the…

The Last Word: Why I Have a Love-Hate Thing Going With HR Tech

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Editor’s Note: After five plus years, Weekly Wrap is changing to The Last Word because, well, it’s TLNT’s last word on what is happening in HR and talent management this week.  OK, I confess: I have a love-hate relationship with the annual HR Technology conference. I was reminded this week, while attending again in Las…

HR Tech 2015: Technology Is Not Only Coming After Recruiters, But Sourcers, Too

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I keep hearing about companies that are increasingly struggling hiring the talent they need currently and for future growth. The one solution that continues to be thrown out is adding a sourcing function within their talent acquisition department. Adding sourcing to your talent acquisition team is definitely an option to help you obtain…