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Why the Best Recruiters Have Learned to Love Data and Technology

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Recruiting is undergoing a technological renaissance. Veteran recruiters remember the advent of primitive databases that housed scanned images of hard-copy resumes, but the modern recruiter’s routine is infused with technology that helps them find and hire candidates faster and with higher success rates due to the ability to be precise in their approach….

6 Steps to Analyze Post-Hire Data and Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Efforts

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Recruiting doesn’t end once you’ve made your hire. Valuable post-hire data exists if you know where to look and what to do with it. It’s not enough for companies to spend thousands of dollars investing in an applicant tracking system. I see companies missing out on key data opportunities all the time. To…

40 Talent Principles That Represent the Future of HR

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The Future of HR Is Already Here — Dominate Your Industry by Adopting These Silicon Valley Principles If your CEO expects your firm to lead your industry, he/she will eventually realize that this can only happen if the firm adopts a “continuous innovation” model. That means that CEOs in all major industries will…

Leveraging HR Analytics: Better Productivity From Some Telltale Donut Bags

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Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from the book It’s All About Bob (bie): Strategies For Winning With Your Employees, published by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated. By David Creelman When we hear the phrase “HR analytics” it sounds very, well, very uninteresting. You may also think it’s a technical subject, suitable only for people who find statistics fun….

Bad HR Tech Implementations — It’s not the Tech, It’s You

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It’s funny what causes people to write articles. This one is based out of frustration given recent pieces I have read online, plus comments in social media threads. In short, there is some pretty shitty advice being handed out from people who have never implemented a complex CRM or ATS solution. This is also…

4 Steps to Defining Your Talent Acquisition Team’s Key Performance Indicators

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No matter what team you’re on, you’ve probably been asked to create and share the key performance indicators that measure your efficacy. There are lots of metrics that can be labeled KPIs and provide insight into parts of your process, but great KPIs will: Give stakeholders transparency as to your team’s successes and value…

The 2nd Biggest Mistake in Employer Branding — Failing to Measure Employer Brand Strength

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In a related article published last week on, entitled “The Biggest Mistake In Employer Branding — Failing To Measure The Business Impacts of Employer Branding” I highlighted the importance of measuring and reporting the business impacts of employer branding . This first step is critical because all too many employer branding leaders…

23 Industry & Candidate Insights Every Tech Recruiter NEEDS to Know

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In January 2016, Stack Overflow (one of the biggest online platforms where tech professionals can ask and answer questions of each other regarding all aspects of programming), undertook the most comprehensive developer survey ever conducted. They asked over 56,000 coders in 173 countries to share who they are, where they work, what they…