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Hiring Managers Think Recruiters Are Getting Worse – Here’s What To Do About It


The topic of my talk at the ERE conference in New Orleans this fall is “Using Data to Drive a Consultative, Proactive Talent-Acquisition Function.” (I promise the presentation will be more exciting than the title). As I pull together the research for my presentation, there is one piece of information that keeps nagging…

4 Steps to Make Campus Recruitment a More Data-driven Program


Let’s move beyond the “two-years experience required” for entry-level jobs generation of job ads, and talk about how to actually insert valuable numbers into your campus recruiting program. As we gear up for summer hiring, there’s been a lot of movement in the campus recruiting space: career centers continue to scour solutions to…

The 7 Pillars of Successful People Analytics Implementation


Gone are the days when finding a job involved walking into a business with a WordPerfect resume in hand. Prior to social media networking, cloud, mobile applications, and big data, there was almost no publicly available data or information about your workforce or your competition. You had to rely on sheer instinct and “gut…

Three Steps to Creating a Diversified Sourcing Strategy


We’ve all heard the wise words before: You shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Whether we’re talking about investing our money or sourcing candidates, this adage rings true. Yet, as sourcers and recruiters, we are often guilty of going back to the same old sources that have served us well…

Why the Best Recruiters Have Learned to Love Data and Technology


Recruiting is undergoing a technological renaissance. Veteran recruiters remember the advent of primitive databases that housed scanned images of hard-copy resumes, but the modern recruiter’s routine is infused with technology that helps them find and hire candidates faster and with higher success rates due to the ability to be precise in their approach….

6 Steps to Analyze Post-Hire Data and Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Efforts


Recruiting doesn’t end once you’ve made your hire. Valuable post-hire data exists if you know where to look and what to do with it. It’s not enough for companies to spend thousands of dollars investing in an applicant tracking system. I see companies missing out on key data opportunities all the time. To…

40 Talent Principles That Represent the Future of HR

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The Future of HR Is Already Here — Dominate Your Industry by Adopting These Silicon Valley Principles If your CEO expects your firm to lead your industry, he/she will eventually realize that this can only happen if the firm adopts a “continuous innovation” model. That means that CEOs in all major industries will…